Self Improvement Articles

Here’s some articles I have written to help you with your health and your life. If you find them useful, please share them with your friends in places like Facebook and Twitter.

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How To Instantly Relax In Any Situation
Hypnotherapist Jon Rhodes shares a trick that anyone can use to become more relaxed in any situation.

Change ANY Habit in 28 Days
Learn how to change a habit in just 28 days!

How To Get Up Early
Learn the smart way to make sure you wake up early everyday.

Why You Shouldn’t Learn Dating Techniques
Jon Rhodes explains why learning dating techniques often does more harm than good.

How to Spot a Liar
Don’t get fooled again, learn how to tell when anyone is ever lying to you.

How To Perform Self Hypnosis
The secrets to self hypnosis revealed!

Automatic Writing
Discover a hypnotic technique to aid the flow of writing.

10 Benefits of Hypnosis Downloads
Why hypnosis downloads are growing in popularity.

Watch Out For The Mind Tricks Of Derren Brown
How exactly does he perform his “magic”? Find out right now…

What is Gastric Band Hypnosis?
Gastric band hypnosis has become an extremely popular weight loss method. But what is it and how does it work?

How Does Hypnotic Botox Work?
Hypnotic botox is an increasingly used form of cosmetic hypnosis and here Jon Rhodes explain how and why it works.

The Right Time To Quit Smoking
When is the time to quit smoking?

Why E-Cigarettes Are A Waste Of Time – and Money
E-cigarettes may stop you smoking regular cigs, but are you just swapping one addiction for another?

What Is White Noise?
Learn what white noise is and how it can help you in a variety of areas.

Can Sounds of Nature Help You?
Find out how listening to the sounds of nature can have a positive effect on your mental well-being.

Can Binaural Beats Improve Your Life?
Binaural beats are becoming an increasingly popular tool in self improvement circles. But do they work, and if so how?

How Subliminal Audios Work
Hypnotherapist Jon Rhodes explains how you can use subliminal messaging to gain a real advantage in achieving your goals.

Most Common Regrets of the Dying
People avoid thinking of their own mortality until it is staring them in the face. What do these people regret in their moments before death?

How To Sell HypnoBusters Products Without a Website
Find out how you can make extra income, enough to quit your job, by selling our products online…and you don’t even need a website.

Can I Be Hypnotised?
Hypnotherapist Jon Rhodes explains how to tell if you can be hypnotised.

Top 10 Tips To Help You Reduce Stress
Discover 10 simple ways you can reduce all the stress in your life.

Are Hypnosis and Meditation The Same?
Jon Rhodes explains the differences and similarities of hypnosis and meditation.

Avoid The Sumo Wrestlers Diet
Learn how sumo wrestlers reach their incredible weight and how to avoid falling into the same pitfalls.

A Guide To Hypnosis
Find out about the basics behind hypnosis.

How To Achieve Your Goals
Learn how to set goals and achieve them by taking action

The History of Hypnosis
Discover the history and background of hypnosis.

Hypnosis And Sleep
The link between hypnosis and sleep revealed.

A Look At Weight Loss
An overview of weight issues and what causes them.

How To Use Hypnosis Scripts
Clinical hypnotherapist Jon Rhodes DHyp teaches you how to use hypnosis scripts.

A Glossary of Hypnosis Related Terms
A look at hypnosis terms and their meanings.

An Interview With Hypnotherapist Jon Rhodes
Find out more about our resident hypnotherapist.

Bodybuilding Hypnosis
How the mind can be used to build a bigger body.


The Five Elements of a Hypnosis Session
How we script our hypnosis downloads.

Hypnosis Myths Busted
Breaking away the fiction from the facts.

Positive Self Affirmations
Learn how to create your own self affirmations and surround yourself with positivity.

Make Money Online By Changing Your Mindset
Jon Rhodes discuses the REAL secret behind making money online.

The Mesmerizing Paul McKenna
Learn more about the man who brought hypnosis into public focus.

Napoleon Hill – The Secrets of How To Think Rich
Discover the secrets of how to think and grow rich as told by Napoleon Hill.

Muhammad Ali The Hypnotist
Did Muhammad Ali use hypnosis to make himself “The Greatest”?

Milton Erickson
The story of the man who influenced NLP.

A Tribute To Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela has left behind him a legacy that will live forever…