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Gastric Band
Quit Smoking


Beating Addictions
Remain A Non Smoker
Stop Nail Biting
Stop Smoking Now
Teeth Grinding
Gambling Addiction
Quit e-Cigarettes


Sensational Skin
Wart Removal
Breast Enhancement
Penis Enlargement
Hypnotic Botox


Ego Boost
Exam Success
Public Speaking
Stammering Relief 
Quick Confidence Booster
Say No
Pass Your Driving Test
Interview Confidence


Improve Your Creativity
Writer’s Block
Play Better Guitar


Spider Phobia
Fear of Flying
Fear of Crowds
Dental Phobia
Fear of Birds
Fear of Dogs
Fear of Judgement
Be Brave


IBS Treatment
Holistic Healing 
Hay Fever Relief
Improve Your Hearing
Stop Unwanted Thoughts
Blood Pressure Control
Hangover Cure
Healing Cancer
Tinnitus Relief
Panic Attack Relief
Think Yourself Younger
HypnoBirthing – Relaxation For Childbirth


Confidence With Women
Jealousy In Relationships
Get Over A Relationship
Fear of Relationships
Erectile Dysfunction
Higher Sex Drive Than Your Partner
Appreciate Others
Flirting Confidence
Reignite The Passion
Attract Love


Super Relaxation
Beach Vacation
Swimming With Dolphins
Ease Stress From Others
Leave Troubles Behind
Slow Down
Anxiety Release


Be More Assertive
Money Making Mindset
Improve Your Memory
Successful Thinking
Gain Optimism
Decision Making
End Money Worries
No More Procrastination
Be More Friendly
Sales Success
Sell Your House
Breaking Mental Barriers
Take Action
Past Life Regression


Super Sleep
No More Nightmares
Stop Snoring
Wake Up Early


Sporting Success
Muscle Enhancement
Golf Improvement
Punching Power
Perfect Potting
Super Sprinting


Weight Loss
10 Minute Beach Body
Exercise Motivation
Sensible Eating
Eat More Slowly
Increase Your Appetite


The Ultimate Self Hypnosis Script Book
The Truth Behind Hypnosis

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Hypnosis MP3s

Life Changing Therapeutic Power Of HypnoBusters

Clinical Hypnotherapist Jon Rhodes
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Do you remember being at school? Sitting for hours on hard chairs between awkward moments of social Darwinism, learning things you’ll never need?

My HypnoBusters Hypnosis MP3s are the EXACT opposite. They are relaxing, private, enjoyable, and teach your mind useful things that improves your life.

Throughout life you pick up bad habits, fears, and negative thoughts. These hold you back from living the life you deserve.

When something bad happens, you pick up negative programming, which is hard to shake off. This negative programming causes all sorts of problems, such as weight gain, addictions, phobias, various illnesses, lack of confidence, etc.

This negative programming resides in your subconscious mind. You may for example have a fear of public speaking. On a conscious level you know that no harm will come to you during a speech. However your subconscious mind automatically triggers fear responses. The best way to stop this is to talk to your subconscious mind – and hypnosis is great for this.

When you listen to my hypnosis downloads, you replace your old limiting thoughts and fears with empowering new ones. Simply sit down, or lie down, listen to my soothing voice with relaxing music, and wake up feeling great.

All your habits, urges and negative thinking sit in your subconscious mind. They effect your emotions, urges and fear responses. It can take years to modify them with counselling, because a counsellor talks to your conscious mind. Hypnotherapy gets to the root of your problems and talks directly with your subconscious. 

Hypnotherapy has helped me enormously with my life, and it can help you too.

Please check out the download table above for my range of high quality instant hypnosis MP3s. Hypnosis online is a great way to access hypnotherapy from anywhere at any time.

Buying is simple – click on the session you want, scroll down and click “Buy Now”. You can either checkout or continue shopping to take advantage of multi purchase deals.

Dear Jon,

I have been using a variety of your sessions every evening and would like to thank you for giving me the tools to cope better with different aspects of my life. I have noticed that since beginning to use your hypnobusters hypnotherapy sessions my mood has lifted and I’m definitely feeling much happier and more secure. I truly can’t thank you enough.


Hypnosis MP3sAll the hypnotherapy MP3s and scripts in my HypnoShop have been recorded and written by me, UK clinical hypnotherapist Jon Rhodes DHyp. I have over fifteen years of experience as a hypnotherapist, and was trained at the London College Of Clinical hypnotherapy. I am also a former professional musician and have spent many years studying the therapeutic effects of music. That’s why you can trust my sessions to give you the best therapeutic results.

All these sessions are fairly priced to allow for as many people as possible to benefit from them. They are all available in download format. This eliminates costs of producing physical products, plus the time and money to ship them. It is also environmentally friendly.

You can listen to these sessions as many times as you wish – for life.

If you would like to contact us, please use the email address at the top right-hand corner of the page.

The Basics of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

What Is Hypnosis?

You are not unconscious whilst in a trance. A trance is a natural daydream state of mind, that most of us slip into several times a day.Hypnosis is a technique where a hypnotherapist induces a trance-like state in the client. They becomes more susceptible to positive suggestions, which are absorbed and acted upon.

You are aware of what is happening at all times, and remain fully in control.

Is There A Difference Between Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis is defined as an induced state of altered consciousness. Hypnotherapy is using this altered state as a therapeutic treatment.

Hypnosis is a tool that can be used for many purposes, such as entertainment, conversation or therapy. Here at HypnoBusters we focus on the hypnotherapy aspect.

Is It Dangerous?

There is no evidence to suggest that hypnotherapy is dangerous. The only time hypnosis is dangerous is when it is used at inappropriate times. You should never listen to a session when you are driving, operating machinery or in any situation where you should be concentrating fully.

Who Can Be Hypnotized?

Almost everyone can be hypnotized, although some people are more susceptible than others. Those with a more creative and visual mind (who typically have an infinity for the arts) tend to be the most susceptible to hypnosis. Even children can enjoy the benefits of hypnotherapy once they reach the age where they can understand and follow the instructions.

The only group of people who should not be hypnotized are those who suffer from delusions as they may be unable to consciously differentiate between the fantasy that hypnosis provides, and reality.

The best way to test if you can be hypnotized is to actually try it. You can try some free hypnosis sessions by watching one of our many videos.

Can I Hypnotize Myself?

Anyone can hypnotize themselves through the use of self hypnosis. The main way to perform self hypnosis involves the use of hypnosis scripts. Scripts are a written version of a session that a hypnotherapist provides. They can then either be recorded or memorized and repeated internally.

There is an adage amongst hypnotherapists that “all hypnosis is self hypnosis”.This means that when you are being hypnotized by someone else, they are guiding you to a hypnotic trance state. It would be accurate to describe hypnosis as “guided self hypnosis”.

The History

Historical records have shown that hypnosis was used as far back as the days of Ancient Egypt where it was used predominantly as a form of pain relief. In recent times hypnosis has once again started to be used as an alternative to anaesthetic during surgery.

Hypnotherapy was first investigated scientifically by Dr. Franz Mesmer (1734-1815). Mesmer experimented with patients by cutting them and then passing various objects (the object was irrelevant) over the cut. He found that the bleeding would stop more quickly than usual.

It was Dr. James Braid who is credited with being the father of hypnosis. He coined the term “hypnosis” (1842) to describe the practice, hypnosis coming from the word hypnos – Greek for sleep. Dr. Braid later realized his error in describing hypnosis as a form of sleep and wished to re-name it monodies but by then the name was well established.

Hypnotherapy continued to be used, but it’s popularity waned until World War II, where it was used to relieve pain when medical supplies were low.

In the 1950’s both the British Medical Association and the American Medical Association recommended hypnotherapy as a therapeutic tool. It was even suggested that it be taught to medical doctors.

The Scientific Facts

While the media often portrays hypnosis as something strange and mystical, nothing could be further from the truth. Most people enter into a form of hypnotic state several times a day. This is a daydream state of mind. Scientific research has pointed to hypnotherapy being a very real and effective form of treatment for a number of issues.

A Measurable Brain Effect

In November 2009 the BBC reported researchers at Hull University found that people who had been hypnotized showed decreased activity in the parts of the brains usually associated with daydreaming, when observed on an imaging scan.

Weight Loss

One study written in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology (1996) experimented with the effects of adding hypnosis to a number of different weight loss programs. The results showed that using hypnotherapy alongside a weight loss program increased the average result by 97% during treatment and 146% after treatment.

Another study from the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology (1986) divided 60 women into those who who had used hypnotherapy and those who hadn’t. The results showed that those who used hypnotherapy lost 17lbs on average, while those who didn’t lost an average of only ½lb.


During research at the Gastroenterology Unit, Frenchay Hospital, Bristol, 33 patients with IBS were given four separate sessions of hypnotherapy over 7 weeks, each session lasting 40 minutes. Of the 33 patients, 20 reported an improvement in their symptoms while 11 were shown to be cleared of all symptoms.

These sessions were given in groups of up to 8 patients, showing that in some cases hypnotherapy doesn’t need to be individually tailored to be effective.

Harvey RF et al. Lancet (England) Feb 25 1989, 1 (8635) pg.424-5.

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