Stop Jealousy Subliminal MP3

Stop Jealousy Subliminal MP3


Put a stop to jealous feelings…

Jealousy is an intensely negative emotion that makes you feel sickeningly bad. It can also negatively influence how you treat others. Think about it…

What has feeling jealous ever got you?

All it does is make you feel small, and it can destroy friendships, relationships and careers.

You know your jealous feelings are wrong but no matter how much you tell yourself to stop, those feelings won’t go away…

That is because you are telling your conscious mind. Subliminal therapy tells your subconscious mind. This is the part responsible for your automatic emotions and actions. It goes straight to the root of the problem.

  • Do you notice yourself getting jealous at the smallest things?
  • Are you always worried that your partner will find someone else?
  • Do you have trouble fully trusting your partner?60 day money back guarantee.
  • When other people get new things, does it stir negative thoughts?
  • Would you like to change and feel more secure and happy?

Subliminal messaging will greatly reduce those jealous feelings, allowing you to live a more carefree and less stressful life without the constant barrage of negative thoughts. You will also get on with people much better.

Sound good? It will be!

Make jealousy a thing of the past and download Stop Jealousy Subliminal MP3 now…


Track length: 15:07

Recorded by Jon Rhodes

Affirmations used…

  • I am no longer a jealous person
  • I am happy for success for others
  • I want people in my life to live freely
  • I trust people in my life
  • I am calm and rational when thinking about my relationships
  • I am free from jealousy