Muscle Hypnosis MP3

Muscle Hypnosis MP3



Do you struggle to make the gains you want in the gym?

When younger, I would go the the gym and increase strength and muscle quickly. However after a few months I would hit a plateau. No matter how hard I trained or what new methods I used, I stayed the same. This was until I started using muscle hypnosis.

I did A LOT of research and found out your mind can help you build muscle. Arnold Schwarzenegger knew this back in the 1970’s, and became arguably the most successful bodybuilder of all time.

My Muscle Hypnosis MP3 will help you build bulging muscles the size of mountains…

I read up on many legendary bodybuilder’s mind techniques, and compared this with modern research. I discovered MANY things. For example…

Scientific studies show that mental imaging is almost as effective in building muscle as lifting weights. If you visualise a workout, it’s almost as good as actually doing one. The beauty is that you can’t over train this way. When combined with traditional workouts, they can produce amazing results.

A favourite of Arnie was to visualise his muscles as huge as mountains. This was a way for him to convince his mind to direct more resources to building muscle.

This hypnosis MP3 uses these techniques and more.

The connection between the mind and body is astonishing. You can imagine a situation, and your body will react as if that situation was reality. Imagine yourself in a dangerous situation and your heart will beat faster. Imagine an embarrassing situation and blood rushes to the surface of your skin, causing you to blush.

In this session I take you into the gym through a heavy workout designed to build your major muscles. You will feel the blood rush to your muscles just like from a real workout. Hypnosis has an added bonus that it relaxes you, which aids the recuperation of your muscles.

You will find a significant improvement in the growth of your muscles and blast through any plateaus you may have reached. This is a perfect session to listen to on rest days, or every day if you want to experience even faster muscle growth.

“My Muscle Hypnosis MP3 turns the mind into a natural steroid – aiding recovery and increasing muscular growth”

60 day money back guarantee.

Before you buy my Muscle Hypnosis MP3 ask yourself these questions:

  • Have I hit a plateau where my muscles are gaining little?
  • Would I like to relax my muscles while strengthening them at the same time?
  • Would I like to build muscle faster?

If the answer is yes then download my Muscle Hypnosis MP3 download and get ready for your muscle growth to peak…


Track length: 20:42