Improve Your Creativity Hypnosis MP3

Improve Your Creativity Hypnosis MP3


Unleash your creative genius…

Sick of lacking creativity when you need it?

I know from personal experience how tough it is to be creative. Some days creative ideas flow effortlessly and you get on a roll. Other days it’s the hardest most frustrating thing in the world.

Why is it like this?

It’s down to which part of your mind you’re using…

Your conscious mind is great for solving maths questions and other logical problems. It’s USELESS at creative thought.
Your subconscious mind is the part that generates powerful creative thought.

Some days you naturally use your creative subconscious more than others. Wouldn’t it be great if you could slip into a creative flow whenever you want? Now you can with the help of my Creativity Hypnosis MP3.

Hypnosis for creativity is a great tool to help you access your subconscious mind. It tunes down your conscious mind and allows your creative subconscious to flow – whenever you need it.

Creativity is important

Creativity is the most valuable human commodity. New ideas and new ways of doing things help you in business and at work.

60 day money back guarantee.Businesses are realising the value of creative employees. Computers can hold information. Robots can do things. Only humans can think up new ideas.

We live in a world that hampers creativity. From an early age you are encouraged to deny your creativity and individualism and conform to accepted standards of society. We don’t want to stand out and rock the boat. However…

The most creative people in history were fiercely individual and stood out from the crowd. Van Gogh, Shakespeare, and Mozart knew that you need to do things your own way.

“It felt like a block was removed from my brain and the ideas just started to flow out!”

After listening to this session you will be able to slip into a creative mindset whenever you wish. You will often find creative ideas popping into your head when you least expect it. Always carry a pen and pad to note them down!

Download my Creativity hypnosis MP3 and feel the thrill of creative thoughts, and create yourself an exciting and fulfilling future…


Track length: 30:00