Hypnotic Botox Hypnosis MP3

Hypnotic Botox Hypnosis

Get smoother, younger looking skin…


Let’s face it, none of us are getting younger and this can be a depressing thought. However you CAN help yourself prolong your youth for a little longer…

Look younger and feel fresher with my hypnosis botox MP3.

This sessions works to achieve a similar result to a botox procedure – but with none of the harmful side effects. It’s a great botox alternative. Here’s how it works…

How it works

With a botox procedure, toxic botox is injected into your face. This causes the muscles in your face to relax. Once your muscles are relaxed, most of your fine lines disappear, leaving your skin looking smoother and youngerThe hypnotic version is similar, but with a unique twist…

Instead of using a toxic injection, my hypnotic botox procedure directs your subconscious mind to relax the muscles in your face. This is a much safer and more natural procedure. No injections are needed.

Have you ever had butterflies in your stomach before a big event? Or blushed after being in an embarrassing situation? These are small examples of how your thoughts effect you physically. This session helps guide your thoughts to make a physical change to your face.

“The lines under my eyes were definitely harder to see after using your botox hypnosis.”

How to use it

60 day money back guarantee.Just like a botox procedure, you will see results quickly. This is great to use just before going for a night out, or anywhere you want to look your best. You can use it for special occasions, or as part of your daily skin care routine.

Just go somewhere you won’t be disturbed for about 20 minutes, get comfy and listen.

Hypnotic Botox is a great alternative to botox because once you’ve bought the MP3 you can listen to it as many times as you want. You don’t need to keep paying for injections.

Research has also shown that the long term effects of hypnosis lead to permanent improvement in your complexion (Hartland, J. (1970) Hypnosis in dermatology. British Journal of Clinical Hypnosis, 1: 2-7). Fine lines appear reduced, skin looks younger and smoother, and symptoms of common skin complaints are minimized.

Download right now to get your Hypnotic Botox MP3 instantly via email. Very soon you’ll look younger AND feel sensational!