Attract Money Subliminal MP3

Attract Money Subliminal MP3

Smaller-Cart-Button-2 Have you ever met the sort of person that always seems to attract money?

No matter what they do they always strike gold. Know why this is?

It is because they have set their mental frequency to attract money. There mind is geared to attract money, which makes it far more likely to happen.

These type of people have a strong desire for money. They really want money, and know what they’ll do with it. They also feel they deserve money.

Make yourself rich with my Attract Money Subliminal MP3!

Subconsciously if you don’t feel that you deserve money, and you don’t really want it, then it is unlikely to happen. You will subconsciously sabotage yourself.

Don’t let fear stop you

You will ignore opportunities, or miss them altogether. You will let fear stop you from pursuing earning opportunities.

It is not high intelligence or even a high work ethic that turns people into high earners. It’s seeing the opportunities and going for them. Without that inner desire you won’t go for it. You will find problems or have excuses that will stop you from attracting high amounts of money.

60 day money back guarantee.Many people fear wealth

This may seem strange, but earning high amounts can frighten people. It is life changing, and this is unsettling. Let me explain…

Many people worry that they may lead unhealthy lifestyles, turn into a bad person, or have their friends and family turn against them. This causes many to fear earning high amounts,which stops the, truly going for it.

My Attract Money Subliminal MP3 will ease your mind. It will show you that you do deserve to attract wealth, and that your life will be better for it.

With this new inner belief you will see opportunities to make money, and feel energised to go for it. Who knows, you may even become a millionaire!

Download Attract Money Subliminal MP3 right now and set off on an exciting journey of self discovery and money making opportunities…


Track length: 11:13

Recorded by Jon Rhodes

(The following is a video sample of my Millionaire Mindset Subliminal MP3, which you may also found extremely helpful.)

Affirmations used…

  • I am attracting money into my life
  • I firmly believe there is an abundance of money in the world
  • I deserve to attract an abundance of money
  • I am attracting money with the law of attraction
  • My subconscious mind is focused on attracting money
  • I will attract large sums of money into my life in exchange for giving something great back to the world
  • I am talented and smart and can earn huge amounts of money