Be More Assertive Hypnosis MP3

Be More Assertive Hypnosis MP3Do you find it difficult to stick up for yourself? Maybe you’re worried about getting into a confrontation, or worried you’ll be seen as aggressive?Smaller-Cart-Button

This is because you’re not assertive enough. Does this happen to you…

Do you bottle up your thoughts and feelings?

Someone takes advantage of you and you know it. You feel an urge to say something, but you don’t. You don’t want to offend, and don’t want to end up in an argument. Instead you keep it to yourself and stew on it.

This is classic passive behaviour. This causes two problems…

First, it’s bad for your health. Bottling up your thoughts and feelings causes you stress. These thoughts and feelings grow the longer you leave them. You feel bad for not saying anything and they gnaw away inside you. They cause you stress for weeks, even months. This has a negative impact on your mental AND physical health.

Second, it can push you towards aggressive behaviour. After a while, your bottled up thoughts and feelings get out of control. They grow bigger and stronger. Eventually you explode. This causes you to be aggressive towards the person you feel aggrieved at. What might have started as a small problem can be magnified many times.

From doing nothing, you’re now overreacting. People think that you’re in the wrong because of your erratic behaviour, so this outburst usually achieves little. And in the meantime it has caused you hurt and damage.

What you need a middle line, and that’s to be assertive…

Being assertive is THE way

Being assertive is the BEST way of dealing with EVERYTHING. An assertive person talks honestly about their thoughts and feelings, but is NOT aggressive about it.

If an assertive person thinks they’re being unfairly treated, they will be open and honest about these feelings. They will discuss them in a calm, rational, but direct way. They won’t wait to get angry and irrational.

An assertive person resolves issues before they get out of hand. They are listened to and respected.

How I can help with my Be More Assertive Hypnosis MP3

If you want to be more assertive, I can help you. Your lack of assertive behaviour is down to your subconscious mind trying to protect you…

In the past your subconscious mind has avoided confrontation in the belief it is protecting you from violent conflict. It doesn’t know that violent conflict is rare in modern society, especially when you’re dealing with a situation in a rational and calm way.

Hello Jon,

I am having great success with your Be More Assertive Hypnosis MP3. I listen to it on my iPod every night and usually have the iPod on all night long. I have been listening to it for a week or two, and today had the courage to go to my boss and assertively tell him what I needed. I was also able to communicate assertively in therapy this week. All good. The hypnosis MP3s I bought from your company were the first I have ever tried. I am very glad I did try them! Thank you for making these available, and also for being responsive to ones that people request.

Thank you,


My Be More Assertive Hypnosis MP3 talks to your subconscious mind and shows it the best way to act is to be assertive. It shows it that this protects you from stress and blowing up in an aggressive way.

As well as showing your subconscious mind WHY it should act assertive, this session also shows it HOW to be assertive. It shows it some simple behaviour patterns to follow, and encourages it to use someone your respect as a role model for assertive behaviour.

Assertive vs. Aggressive vs. Passive

It will change your life60 day money back guarantee.

Quickly you will find it second nature to act in an assertive way. This gives BIG positive changes to your life…

With a more assertive mindset, your life will improve in almost every way. You will command more respect from everyone you deal with – from friends and family, to co-workers and bosses. This allows situations to be much easier to deal with.

Soon you’ll find yourself having much more success in your personal and work life – and you’ll feel far less stressed.

If you need to take more control of your life and get the respect you deserve, download my Be More Assertive Hypnosis MP3 and enjoy a more successful and stress-free life…