Get What You Want Subliminal MP3

get-what-you-wantDo you feel you’re treading water in your life? Are you putting work into your life, but never really getting what you want? This is probably because you are not focused enough on what you want…

ALL successful people will tell you that a BIG part of success involves focussing on what you want. Without focus, you meander through life, switching from one path to the other, and heading in all directions. Years can pass and you can achieve very little.

For motivation purposes you must chase a dream. If you have something you REALLY want, you will be motivated to fight hard to get it.

If you clearly know what you want, and keep focussing on it, you can achieve amazing things. You are on your path to getting what you want, and if you keep going you will get there.

This subliminal will help you visualise clearly what you want. It will help you visualise your path to attain it. Finally it will keep you focussed on attaining the thing you want.60dmbg

Over time it will be inevitable that you will get what you want.

You will be moving on your clear path to what you want – closer and closer to your goal.

Download my Focus On What You Want Subliminal MP3 and enjoy the journey of getting what you want…

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Affirmations used

  • I know exactly what I want
  • I have a definite plan to get what I want
  • I can see what I want in my imagination
  • I can clearly visualise how to get what I want
  • I continue to focus on what I want, until I get it
  • I deeply believe I will get what I want
  • I visualise the achievement of my goals daily
  • I always get what I want in the end


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Sexual Arousal Subliminal MP3

sexual-arousal-subliminalIncrease Your Sexual Desires…

Everybody has times when they’re not up for sex. You may have had a stressful day, or be tired. Sometimes there is no apparent reason.

This subliminal MP3 helps increase your libido when you need it. It will instantly help you get into a sexual frame of mind.

This works equally well for men and women. Let go of your worries and enjoy the simple act of love making.

You will benefit from listening to this session on your own, or together with your partner.

Please DON’T let anyone listen to this session unless you tell them its content.60dmbg

Modern pressure drags our minds away from our natural urges. This audio triggers your subconscious mind into sexual arousal mode. In this mindset it is easy to become aroused.

Sometimes when you want to become aroused you can try too hard. This unfortunately involves your conscious mind. This makes matter worse. Your conscious mind gets in the way,making arousal even more difficult. It is your subconscious mind that controls your sexual arousal.

Subliminal therapy is great for getting through to your subconscious mind. This subliminal plants suggestions into your subconscious mind to help stimulate sexual arousal. There is no need to “try”.

Download this subliminal right now to enjoy a rapid and natural boost to your sexual desires…

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Track length: 13:06

Recorded by Jon Rhodes

Affirmations used

  • I feel sexually attracted to my partner
  • I am a sexually charged person
  • I’m feeling more sexually aroused
  • I’m full of sexual energy
  • My sex drive is powerful and strong
  • My body is tingling with sexual desire



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Win Back Your Ex Subliminal MP3

Win Back Your Ex Subliminal MP3What’s the most important thing if life? If you were to imagine lying on your death bed, reminiscing about your life, what would stand out?

It would be the people you love and have loved.

In modern society we can forget the value of people. It’s easy to worry more about new clothes or a new car, but these things don’t bring happiness.

They are the icing on the cake. Going for a drive in your new car and new clothes is great if you’re with the love of your life. Quite an ordinary experience on your own.

Sometimes we can take our loved ones for granted. You must work hard to have people you love in your life. It’s worth it.

Sadly many people realise this when it’s too late…

I can help you

This subliminal audio helps you value relationships. It helps you be a more considerate and giving person. It helps you find a way of being more compatible with your ex. It also helps build up your belief that YOU CAN WIN BACK YOUR EX.

This subliminal audio reprograms your subconscious mind to be a more caring and considerate person, and think more about others. You will radiate more confidence and self assurance. Your ex will pick up on your new vibe, making you a more attractive proposition. 


With this new drive, you are in a better position to win back your ex. You will be more committed to giving them the life they want, which is the best way to entice them back into your life.

People can intuitively smell your motives. If they are right and just, they will know this and be more attracted to you.

Download this session right now and give yourself the best possible chance of winning back your ex. It could be worth more than all the gold in the world…

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Track length: 13:25

Recorded by Jon Rhodes

Affirmations used…

  • My ex still finds me attractive
  • I have learned from past mistakes
  • I give my ex adequate space
  • I am NOT needy or jealous towards my ex
  • I am calm and assured around my ex
  • I am a more giving person
  • I have changed for the better
  • My ex will love the new me
  • I am more compatible for my ex



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Speak Up For Yourself Subliminal MP3


Get the respect you deserve…

Want to be able to speak up for yourself? I’m wondering if this happens to you…

People say or do things you don’t like. Instead of telling them, you say nothing…

You let this fester in your mind, going over the situation and regretting your silence. This makes you angry and stressed as you go over it again and again – working yourself up. You wonder why you didn’t say anything.

The anger and stress that builds up inside you is not good for your health or happiness.

Many people struggle to speak up for themselves. This is usually down to shock at the situation, and an unwillingness to get into a confrontation.

You MUST speak up for yourself. If not then certain people in your life will take liberties. They sometimes need a gentle reminder to respect you.60dmbg

My Speak Up For Yourself Subliminal MP3 reprograms your subconscious mind to drive you speak up for yourself when you need to.

This ensures that you’ll NEVER be treated like a door mat.

You will impress with your confident and assertive ways, and be more willing to say what’s on your mind. It also helps you think of the right things to say in pressure situations.

Don’t shy away from being heard. Download my Speak Up For Yourself Subliminal MP3 now, remove stress from your life, and get the respect you deserve…

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Track length: 15:20

Recorded by Jon Rhodes

Affirmations used…

  • I am confident and assertive
  • I say what’s on my mind
  • I always think of the right things to say
  • I always speak up for myself
  • I am honest and direct
  • People respect my opinion
  • I always express my thoughts
  • I have a right to express my opinions
  • I have strong definite values



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Reduce Flatulence Subliminal MP3

reduce flatulence subliminalEmbarrassed by flatulence? You’re not alone…

For thousands of years flatulence has been a source of both amusement and embarrassment. But did you know this…

Without exception, everybody has wind. It is a natural part of processing food in your stomach. According to the NHS website, men pass wind on average 14-25 times per day. Women between 7-12 times. However some people have it far worse.

It can be embarrassing when in company, especially in formal settings. The last thing you want in a job interview is to be distracted with a bout of flatulence. Here’s the thing…

Although everybody does it, nobody talks about it.

You would be mortified if the interviewer heard or smelt it, even though they are only human.

You CAN be helped…

Whilst you can never eliminate flatulence, you can reduce it by making lifestyle changes.60dmbg

My Reduce Flatulence Subliminal MP3 will help your mind make the changes necessary to reduce your flatulence. You will instinctively avoid foods and drinks that cause the problem. It will also modify other habits, such as helping you to chew food more slowly.

These small changes can make a BIG difference.

Don’t let flatulence undermine your confidence and cause you embarrassment. Download this session right now and control this problem once and for all…

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Track length: 14:45

Recorded by Jon Rhodes



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