Why You Must Believe To Achieve

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If you want success in whatever you are doing, you have to believe it is going to happen to YOU.

Later I will show you a simple but powerful technique to help you gain belief. But first…

Most people who have goals, live in hope that one day it will happen. Hope is usually not enough as it trusts to luck.

A lot of people live in hope that one day they will be wealthy. However they don’t truly trust their abilities to make it happen. Usually the extent of their action is to play the lottery or pursue some other form of gambling. This is obviously trusting to luck.

You have to truly believe you can achieve if you want a realistic shot at making it happen. This way you’ll have the inner strength to put in the effort to make success a possibility. Sitting back and waiting for success is the worst strategy you can employ. But without a strong inner belief, that is the most likely course of action you will take.

You need a firm belief that you will be successful, then take action.

In a moment I will share with you a technique you can use to build up your belief. First, we’ll talk more about hope and belief…


A businessman with fingers crossed

With hope, you’re unlikely to get beyond moderate success. This is because it blocks you from putting in the proper effort. You hold back, and not even know you’re holding back. With hope you take steps to achieve your goals, then sit back with your fingers crossed and hope. Is this what the winners of the world do?

Say you want to become a full time blogger. You set up a blog in the hope that people will love your writing, and it will pay you a lucrative wage where you can go travelling the world.

You set up an attractive design and update regularly. Then you visit social sites and make friends and share your content. Your readership slowly starts to grow. After months of effort, your visitor growth plateaus and you are stuck at around 100 visitors per day.

You carry on in the same vein, hoping that “something will happen” to push your blog to the next level. Know what? This “something” never happens, unless you’re extremely lucky.

Believe we canBelief

If you truly believe you are going to achieve blogging greatness, you can approach this plateau differently. You look at why you’ve not yet achieved the blogging greatness you deserve. Is your writing really up to standard? Could your blog design be better? Are you marketing it hard enough? Instead of sitting back in hope that something will happen, you take action and make it happen.

Your belief can drive you to try new things, learn new skills, and improve existing skills. You have to grow and learn or else you are stuck in a rut, waiting and hoping.

When trying to achieve anything you always hit a plateau. This is what separates the best from the rest. Most people stick at plateaus, never growing beyond them, even after years of effort. Those people that truly believe they can achieve their goals find a way to push through plateaus and continue to grow.

How to believe

As a clinical hypnotherapist I coach people to have a successful mindset, with some fantastic results. Here is the quickest way I have found to help people discover their inner belief…

You must be clear in your mind what you want. If you want a wage so you can quit your job, then great. If you want to be a high earner so you can travel the world, that is great too. Get it clear in your head what you want to achieve.

Once you have decided, it’s time to visualise. Spend a few minutes every day visualising the success you want as if it has already happened. If you want a luxury villa, then visualise it as if you own it now. Imagine enjoying all the facilities that it comes with. Try to make the image as clear as you can, with all the details, facilities and colour schemes. Spend a few minutes every day doing this.

This helps program your subconscious mind to achieve your goal. Your subconscious mind will be reminded of what you want. In turn it will influence the choices and decisions you make to help you achieve this goal. It’s a very natural process.

Because you are visualising your success as if it is happening now, this bolsters your belief. You will feel it in your core. You will “know” that it is just a question of time. This helps you to properly fight for your goal, rather than live in hope. Belief allows you to dare to put yourself on the line and really go for it. This can make all the difference when you want to achieve something great.

If you don’t believe you can achieve your goals then you will be naturally inclined to save your effort. How successful can you really be when not giving 100%?

Final thoughts

Don’t sit back with your fingers crossed and hope to achieve your goals. Make them inevitable. Visualise exactly what it is you want to achieve. Believe you can achieve, and fight hard to make it happen. Go that extra mile to get what you deserve. You have one life, so gather your heart and mind together, and fight for the life you want. Your dreams can become a reality, but only if you believe.

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Tribute To Nelson Mandela

Tribute To Nelson Mandela

If you want to learn how to navigate your way through your human flaws to achieve great things, then Nelson Mandela is a shining example.Mandella-Poisen

Mandela died 5th December 2013 at the age of 95. He was imprisoned for 27 years, between 1963 and 1990 due to his vigorous and sometimes violent campaign against South Africa’s Apartheid. This was a system which gave voting and many other rights exclusively to white South Africans.

I remember watching Mandela’s release live on TV as a 14 year old. This now elderly grey haired man gave an eloquent speech, broadcast live to millions of people across the world. This was just hours after being released from a 27 year prison term, That takes someone special. He was well aware of the impact his words would have for many years to come. This was a big moment.

Instead of preaching hate towards the minority white people, he pledged his commitment to fight apartheid and live peacefully side by side. “We cannot climb to freedom on the corpses of innocent people”. This takes a man of enormous strength to feel this way after such harsh treatment.

By 1994 Mandela had helped negotiate the end of the apartheid regime, and became South Africa’s first black president. He was also their first president elected by a vote from the whole of the population.

True to his word, President Mandela was committed to protecting white South African’s and encouraging them to stay in South Africa. This integration was Mandela’s main focus until his presidency ended in 1999. He knew that without successful integration, South Africa would still be a country full of violence and hatred.

Of course he was committed to improving the infrastructure to the black population. There was a massive gulf of inequality between the services offered to black and white people. Gradually he improved the provision of things such as health care and education.

Mandela gained global appeal because of his charisma and strength of spirit, refusing to be broken despite how he was treated. He fought with love rather than hate, and knew the importance of keeping everyone working together, rather than against each other. His strength of character served as an example for others to follow.

If you want to learn more about Nelson Mandela, check out his autobiography “A Long Walk To Freedom”. He wrote his inner most thoughts secretly during his 27 year imprisonment. Mandela is honest about his flaws as a human being, and shows that everyone has it in them to make a difference in the world.

To end our tribute I have included some of my personal favourite Mandela quotes. Feel free to share your favourites in the comments bellow…


“No one is born hating another person because of the colour of his skin or his background or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.”

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

“There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”

“There is nothing like returning to a place that remains unchanged to find the ways in which you yourself have altered.”

“Part of being optimistic is keeping one’s head pointed toward the sun, one’s feet moving forward. There were many dark moments when my faith in humanity was sorely tested, but I would not and could not give myself up to despair. That way lays defeat and death.”

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

“Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.”



A BIG part of Mandela’s armoury was his brilliance as a public speaker. Even straight after 27 years in prison he was able to deliver an inspirational speech. Public speaking is all in your mind, and I can help you…

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Most Common Regrets Of The Dying

I was talking to a friend, Karen recently who has a unique take on life. She has worked in palliative care for more than 15 years. Karen has witnessed hundreds of people going through the dying process. She got to know them, comfort them, and listen to them.

Although she has such a demanding job, she is always the life and soul of the party. She always has a smile on her face, and is a constant joy to be around. I asked her what her secret was. I was astounded by her response.

“I see great suffering and sadness, but I also see the naked human spirit, true and honest, baring all.”

People at the end of their lives often bare their souls to her. She has listened and learned for many years, and this has helped her grow into the tremendous human being she has become. People have shared there deep thoughts and regrets on life. She wants to pass some of what she has learned to you.

So we worked together and compiled the top regrets that people have when about to die, so you can learn from other peoples’ mistakes. This really gives you food for thought…

Not being true to yourselfGhost

Many people admit that they regret not living the life they truly wanted to lead. They realised that they spent too much trying to please others, and doing what is expected of them. Many patients even admit to getting married and having children simply because that was what was expected of them. Ask yourself what it is in life that you really want.

Worrying about unimportant things

Another top regret is worrying about things that aren’t really important. Once you realise your life is coming to an end, material things don’t matter so much. Don’t worry about whether you can afford the latest phone for your child’s Christmas present. If you can then great – if you can’t then get them what you can afford. Focus on love and care for each other, and enjoy each others company. That’s what really matters.

Worrying about what people think of them

Many people about to die realise that they have severely limited their lives by worrying too much about what people think of them. They felt they couldn’t truly be themselves through fear of upsetting others. If you feel strongly about something, then you should be able to tell your loved ones. If they care for you, they’ll support you.

Not having time for friends and family

A big regret is not spending enough time with friends or family. Many people spend years working, saving and doing household chores and forgetting their friends and family. Inevitably they drift apart until one day they realise they are a lonely old person. Value your friends, as one day you will realise that you have lost them forever.

Forgetting to play

Many people regret not allowing themselves the time to do things they want to do. This might be hobbies and interests, travelling etc. Don’t get caught on the hamster wheel. Jump off, explore the world and have some fun.

Final thoughts

Remember that you will not be here for ever. Your time on this earth is precious and should be cherished and valued. Use this as inspiration to make the most of your life, and lead the life you truly want. Maybe you haven’t done this in the past. That’s OK – you cannot change that. However you can do something about your future. Be good to those around you, but also remember to be good to yourself.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life” – Charles Dederich

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How Hypnosis Works

How hypnosis Works

Learn right now how hypnosis works…

Can hypnosis help you grow into a wonderfully healthy and successful person?

There is a lot of misunderstanding about hypnotherapy. By learning how hypnosis works, you can better decide for yourself whether you wish to use hypnosis to enhance your life. One of the biggest misconceptions is that clinical hypnosis and stage hypnosis are the same thing. This is not true…

Stage hypnosis

Many people’s perception of hypnosis is what they have seen or heard from stage shows. They see people “under” the hypnotists “control”. People “made” to sing like Elvis, or dance like Michael Jackson.

Clinical Hypnotherapist Jon Rhodes
Clinical Hypnotherapist

This is a BIG distortion of the truth.

A stage hypnotist selects suggestible and extrovert members of the audience. In fact they usually volunteer – meaning that they are willing participants.

Everyone on stage could stand up and walk off if they wanted. Only extroverts allow themselves to go on stage and perform. They know what they are letting themselves in for, and want to join in. Peer pressure sees that they continue. Can you imagine someone having the nerve to stop half way through a show?


A hypnotic trance increases your powers of focus and imagination. It is a natural daydream state of mind, and you remain fully in control. A hypnotic trance helps communication with your unconscious mind. This is the part that is responsible for your habits and urges.

Therapeutic and entertainment hypnosis are two very different things.

A clinical hypnotherapist does not aim to create the illusion of having people ‘under’ control. The aim is to place pre agreed suggestions in your unconscious mind. If you REALLY want to stop smoking, then your unconscious mind will accept these suggestions. This makes it far easier to quit.

Since you are not being controlled, you are free to reject these suggestions. That is why someone who does not want to give up smoking will not benefit from hypnotherapy.

Can hypnosis help me?

Millions of people swear that hypnosis has helped them with many issues such as weight loss, quitting smoking, confidence, phobias, stress, sleep, success, IBS, and many more. I have been a clinical hypnotherapist for several years, and have seen this first hand and received many heart warming testimonials.

Your subconscious mind contains a lot of information that you are not consciously aware of. You may fear spiders for example. Consciously you are aware that this is silly. They are small and harmless. Yet for some reason your subconscious mind triggers an automatic fear response. Usually as a child you saw an adult react in fear from a spider. This passes on the fear to you.

Final thoughts

Now you know how hypnosis works! Hypnotherapy is great for getting to the root of the problem in your subconscious mind. Talking to your conscious mind is a long slow process. A hypnotherapist can talk to your subconscious mind and persuade it to change. They can tell it that spiders are not dangerous. Once told, your subconscious mind knows what your conscious mind knows. That is why with hypnotherapy, change is rapid and permanent.

Many people are missing out on this powerful yet safe therapeutic tool because they don’t understand how hypnosis works. If you haven’t already, check out my hypnosis sessions.


Are E-Cigarettes A Waste Of Time – and Money?

Are E-Cigarettes A Waste Of Time – and Money?

If you are using e-cigarettes to quit smoking then you could be wasting your time – and money. It is likely that they will not help you quit smoking. Here’s why…

E-cigarette addiction

E-cigarette users usually become addicts of e-cigarettes.

Manufacturers argue that it is the lesser of evils. However there has not been enough research to confirm the long term effects of e-cigarettes. Time will tell whether they are less harmful, and by how much. But…

Wouldn’t it be better if you had no addiction? E-cigarettes still contain poisonous nicotine.

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Nicotine is the major toxic part of cigarettes. Just 40-60mg of nicotine is enough to kill an adult, so don’t be kidded into thinking e-cigarettes are not harmful. You wouldn’t want your 9 year old daughter smoking them would you?

Nicotine is also the major addictive part of cigarettes. E-cigarettes contain just as much nicotine. Therefore…E-CIGARETTES ARE JUST AS ADDICTIVE AS NORMAL CIGARETTES.

Why would you switch to them in order to quit smoking? You are just swapping one addiction for another slightly different one. There are also other problems…


Quit e cigarettes

Using e-cigarettes causes apathy, and the e-cigarette companies know it. Users feel like they have quit smoking when in reality they haven’t. This stops many people from trying to quit properly.

E-cigarette companies can continue selling refills for years, as people don’t bother to quit. Retailers don’t care that you don’t quit smoking. In fact it is in their best interests for you to continue using their products for as long as possible.

Do they offer any help or support for you to quit e-cigarettes? No – despite many of them selling e-cigarettes on the basis of them being a tool to help you quit smoking.

Smoke more

Many users of e-cigarettes actually end up smoking more nicotine. E-cigarettes are not yet banned from being smoked in most public places. This gives users more opportunities to smoke.

Many people hang them round their necks and puff away almost constantly. Without realising it you can smoke more than you did with traditional cigarettes. They can be too convenient to smoke.

Quit smoking all together

If you are serious about quitting smoking properly, don’t waste your time and money using e-cigarettes. You need to quit smoking, and you need to quit nicotine. Only then will you be truly free.

Using e-cigarettes is just kidding yourself that the problem has gone away. It hasn’t. You still have a nicotine addiction. And it is still just as difficult to quit smoking e-cigarettes as it is normal cigarettes.


If you need help quitting smoking, then why not try hypnotherapy? Unlike e-cigarette companies, hypnotherapists have no interest in you continuing to smoke. They WANT you to quit smoking forever. It’s good for their reputation, and is likely to encourage you to visit them again for other treatments, such as weight loss or phobias.

Hypnotherapy does not encourage a long drawn out quitting process that many products advocate. Nor does it encourage dependency. Hypnotherapists don’t profit from your continued smoking.

Hypnotherapy aims to quickly reprogram your subconscious mind to reduce cravings for cigarettes. It usually does this in 1-3 sessions. This enables you to stand on your own two feet and fight the smoking addiction yourself. Then you have the best chance of quitting smoking for good.


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