How Advertising Negatively Programs Your Subconscious

sad-face-feel good-about-yourselfOne BIG tactic of advertisers is to make you feel bad about yourself, then offer their product or service as a solution. In an attempt to feel good, you buy their product.

However you don’t always buy their products. What then? You’re left with something in your subconscious saying that you are inadequate.

You might not have the latest phone, clothes or car. Maybe you don’t have the perfect beach body, or that Hollywood smile. You’ve been offered the Golden Ticket to solve this, but you’ve declined. Your subconscious naturally nags away at you.

Your subconscious will tell you to buy the product, but your conscious knows better. However something deep inside you no longer feels quite right.

Take a look at this advert against smoking. It’s obvious aim is to terrify you into thinking that smoking rapidly ages you. It’s aim is largely good, because smoking is detrimental to your health. But what if you don’t quit smoking after seeing this?

smoking-2The suggestions drift into your subconscious mind, leaving you worried about your health. The advertisers might be trying to help your physical health, but this could be at the expense of your mental health.

Worry is bad for your health.

Think of all the negatively charged adverts you take in every day. They may be on the TV, the radio, advertising boards, newspapers, magazines – they’re EVERYWHERE.

With all these messages telling you how inadequate you are, it’s no wonder you can feel down about yourself at times.

You can reduce your exposure to adverts. Turn down TV during the adverts, ignore adverts in magazines etc. But unless you put blinkers on, they;re going to get to you.

It’s time to fight back!

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