How to Perform Self Hypnosis – Learn Self Hypnosis

How to perform self hypnosisLearn how to perform self hypnosis…

Want to learn self hypnosis? I am going to reveal to you the secrets of how to do self hypnosis. You can enjoy hypnosis at home – for free. You don’t need to be a trained clinical hypnotherapist to hypnotise yourself – it just takes a bit of know how…

(There is also a FREE hypnosis video for you to try at the end of this article)

Clinical Hypnotherapist Jon Rhodes will teach you how to perform self hypnosis.
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Jon Rhodes

You can save money, and gain independence by learning self hypnosis. Hypnotherapy is rapidly gaining popularity for being a safe, powerful tool for change. Self hypnosis is very useful to learn. You can do it whenever you wish, and create your own brand of home hypnosis.

To begin with, make sure that you will not be disturbed for at least half an hour. Turn off phones, and tell family not to bother you. Find a comfortable place. Somewhere that is neat and tidy, and a comfortable temperature. Subdue the lighting. You can be seated, or laid down – whichever is most comfortable.

  • Close your eyes and take 10 slow deep breaths – in through your nose, and out through your mouth. Say to yourself the word ‘Relax’ on each out breath.
  • Imagine yourself at the top of 10 steps, with a door at the bottom. With every slow step you take down, feel yourself getting deeper and deeper relaxed.
  • When you get to the bottom, open the door to your ideal place of relaxation. It could be a beach, a garden, anywhere. It could be somewhere real, or imagined.
  • Use as many senses as you can. Take a good look around. Pause and listen to any sounds. Perhaps you can hear birds chirping, or the breeze gently blowing. Perhaps you can smell the sweet scent of flowers, or the salt in the sea? Touch objects, and make it as real as you can. 
  • Explore your relaxing haven, and enjoy it.

Learn Self HypnosisThis is a great technique to help relaxation. Most of us do not relax enough, and it damages our health in many ways. Stress weakens our immune systems, causes irritability, anxiety, and unhappiness. Even if you just do relaxation work, you will improve your overall health in almost every area.

If you are struggling with how to do self hypnosis, persevere. Getting into a hypnotic state is a skill that will improve over time. It may be worth visiting a clinical hypnotherapist, or buying a recording at least once, in order to experience the feeling of trance. When you have experienced it once or twice, you will be more informed as to the state of mind you are seeking.

You can learn to give yourself specific therapy the more you practice. Here are a few techniques you can use…

Success breeds success, so if you visualise yourself achieving something, then it will help you do just that. You may wish to visualise yourself slimmer, healthier or wealthier for example. Or you may wish to visualise yourself having achieved something, such as a promotion or a new job. Make the image as real as you can, use all of your senses, and do this as often as you can.

You are only limited by your imagination. Your creative powers will increase the more you use self hypnosis, and your overall health and happiness will increase. Set a specific time to do it, even if it is only once a week. If you have specific issues that you wish to deal with, then increase this accordingly.

If you’ve not experienced hypnosis before, it’s a good idea to try it first. That way you know what state of mind you are aiming to achieve. Here is a nice and gentle relaxation session for you to try for FREE…


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  • April 30, 2016 at 2:46 pm

    Self hypnosis can work nicely but if you’re impatient (or just want to make sure you do everything right) then it’s worth getting a track to guide you through the process. Just make sure that you like the person’s voice 🙂

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    Wow! A lot like Belleruth Naparstek’s guided imagery cd’s and mp3’s. Thank you.

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