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Jon Rhodes has worked with people suffering from severe mental health problems since 2001. He has been involved in the successful long term rehabilitation of many people, helping them to integrate back into society. He works with people suffering from such severe illnesses as schizophrenia, autism, personality disorders , and many secondary illnesses such as depression.

In 2002, Jon decided to expand his knowledge base, and studied to be a clinical hypnotherapist at the London College Of Clinical Hypnotherapy. He was taught by some of the UK’s finest hypnotherapists, such as Peter Mabbutt, and Ursula James.Jon Rhodes LLB (Hons)

Soon after he started his own practice, offering a home visit service where he travelled to his clients houses. This became very successful, and he was in constant demand. However Jon became dissatisfied with the limit of patients that his time would allow him to visit. He was also frustrated that many of the people that really needed the therapy were unable to pay for such a service. He needed to find a solution that allowed him to treat a large number of patients, for very generous rates. Jon found the solution with HypnoBusters.

HypnoBusters offers high quality professional hypnosis audios at low rates. With his background as a professional musician, Jon is able to oversee the recording process, ensuring high quality recordings, with a soothing therapeutic ‘feel’. Jon is able to use his unique combination of talents to provide a musical background that enhances the therapeutic properties of his hypnosis sessions.

His recordings are priced way below that of his private sessions, and have the advantage that the patient can listen to them over and over again, further integrating the positive suggestions into the unconscious mind. Imagine being able to press play any time you wish, sit back and relax to the unique therapeutic talents of one of the UK’s top hypnotherapists.

You can get in touch with HypnoBusters and Jon at the places below.


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