Terms and Conditions

To use HypnoBusters.Com, the website and the products, you must agree to the following terms and conditions. These terms and conditions apply from your first visit to the site to each, and every, subsequent visit. If you do not agree to be legally bound by our terms and conditions then we ask you not to use HypnoBusters.Com or any of our fine products.

Important Safety Notice

While our hypnosis products are both powerful and effective they are meant to be used as complimentary treatment. Please regard the following safety points.

  • Only use a HypnoBusters hypnosis product when you are in a place where you can safely relax and/or sleep.
  • Do not listen to any HypnoBusters product when you are operating machinery, driving or in any other situation where you need total focus.
  • If you are under 18 please get parental permission before purchasing and using any of our hypnosis products.
  • If you are in doubt over any medical problem visit a GP, doctor or other relevant professional.
  • Hypnosis is a complimentary treatment, is in not intended to cure, diagnose or prevent any medical condition.

Allowed Use of HypnoBusters.Com and Its Products

HypnoBusters.Com owns the copyright and license of every product on this website. When you purchase any HypnoBusters product you are purchasing a license to the product, not unlimited rights.

You may:

  • Download the product onto your PC.
  • Transfer the product to your MP3 player and/or burn the MP3 to a CD or other audio medium.
  • Print off any hypnosis scripts and use on yourself or on a client.
  • Use our products to assist your own development as a hypnotherapist.

You may not:

  • Make available any of our hypnosis MP3 downloads, or hypnosis scripts, to anyone other than yourself.
  • This includes (but it not limited to) selling, renting, lending or uploading our products.
  • Claim to be associated with us, or use our name to promote yourself or hypnosis practice.
  • Play any of our hypnosis downloads to a client or any other third party.
  • Use, adapt or alter any of our articles or any piece written on HypnoBusters.Com.

Failure to follow our terms of allowed usage may result in legal action.


We have great faith in the power and effectiveness of our products. So much so that we offer a 60 day money back return. If the session you have purchased does not have the result that you expected then you are entitled to a refund should you contact us within 60 days.

To ensure our generous refund policy is not abused we have the following waivers.

  • You must follow our optimum use advice.
  • Refunds are only available on single download purchases.
  • There will be only one refund per customer every 6 months.

No refunds are offered on our hypnosis scripts.

Discount Offers

All discount offers are only available for one shopping session. That is to say that you will not receieve a discount if you were to spend $25 in one session, and then $15 the next. You must spend $40 during one purchase to be eligible for the discount. We may rescind any discount offer at any time.

Disclaimers and Limitation of Liability

Your use of HypnoBusters.Com is at your own risk. Use of HypnoBusters.Com is on an “as is” and “is available” basis. While we strive to have the highest quality and widest selection of products we cannot guarantee that HypnoBusters.Com will be suitable for your purposes and needs.

All content on the site is subject to change without notice. While every care is taken in compiling our content we cannot guarantee it is completely accurate, up-to-date or error free.

HypnoBusters does not take liability for any losses or damages as a result of using either our site or our products. This is without limitation and includes economic loss, any special, indirect, incidental or consequential loss or damage.

This applies whether the damage or loss occurs via contract, negligence, under statue or otherwise.

Third Parties and Links

While HypnoBusters.Com takes every care in only associating with reputable third parties we will not be held responsible over their content or privacy policy. Any dealing with a third party on or through our site are solely between you and the third party.HypnoBusters will not be liable for any damage or loss incurred as a result of any dealings.

Terms and Conditions Changes

We may change our terms and conditions at any time without any prior warning. Any change will not affect you retroactively but will apply on your first visit to the site after the change. Because of this you should read the terms and conditions each time you visit the site.


The preceding terms and conditions constitute the agreement between us (HypnoBusters.Com) and you (the customer).

A failure to act on any violation of our terms and conditions does not constitute a legal waiver.

Should we discover any violation of our terms and conditions typically we shall notify the individual or group of the violation. If nothing is done, within a time to be determined by us, we will take legal action on advice.

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of England. Any dispute will be decided in and by the English courts.

If you have any questions on our terms and conditions and how they apply to you then you can contact us.