Think Yourself Younger Hypnosis MP3

Think Yourself Younger Hypnosis MP3


Turn back the hands of time…

You can literally reverse ageing with a change in your attitude to life. Check out this research…

In 1979 psychologist Ellen Langer performed an experiment to find out whether ageing can be slowed down by changing the way you think. Professor Ellen Langer gathered a group of elderly men and took them “back in time” to a retreat which was designed to look like a place from their youth.

Rather than being surrounded by nurses and people helping them, they were left to fend for themselves and be more independent. Guess what happened?

The men in the study rose to the occasion and became visibly more capable. They were more self-assured, able to move more quickly, and could look after themselves without help. They even somehow looked younger.

Professor Langer concluded that this study showed that when people think younger, they feel younger, and their body reacts accordingly.

You can remain fit, capable and young for the rest of your life with the right mindset.

“I feel like I did 20 years ago.”

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“Think Yourself Younger” programs your subconscious mind to think younger. It keeps you fight for a great future.

Remember, when you think younger you act younger, and you ARE younger.

Imagine Yourself…

  • Thinking more clearly.
  • Moving more quickly and confidently.
  • Feeling, looking and acting younger.

If you want to feel younger, take action. Download Think Yourself Younger MP3 and turn back the hands of time…


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