Super Sprinting Hypnosis MP3

Super Sprinting Hypnosis MP3


Sprint like a cheetah…

Being able to sprint fast gives you a MASSIVE advantage in many sports. You can leave your competition for dust and there is nothing they can do about it. This is truly an amazing feeling.

Whilst there is obviously a physical aspect to sprinting, there is also a BIG mental side. Pretty much all top sprinters use hypnosis for sprinting. That’s why you see them close their eyes before a race, using various mental techniques to prepare.

Hypnosis can train your body and mind to sprint closer to your optimum. It gives you the drive and determination to train at higher intensity levels.

Higher intensity training is essential for higher results. But that’s not all…

This session also helps co-ordinate your mind and body. It will help you run more efficiently, converting more of your strength and energy into speed.

Most people waste a lot of energy when sprinting, which results in slower times. Your mind controls EVERYTHING. To sprint faster, your mind and body need to be relaxed, especially when the pressure is on.

My Super Sprinting Hypnosis MP3 helps keep your mind and body calm. This results in a more flowing and efficient sprinting style, transferring more muscle power into speed.

60 day money back guarantee.

This more relaxed style of running also reduces your chances of injury.

Imagine Yourself…

  • Training harder than ever before.
  • Effortlessly sprinting faster and more efficiently.
  • Having faith you can out-pace your competition.

If you want to increase your sprinting speed and efficiency, download my Super Sprinting Hypnosis MP3 right now…


Track length: 14:42