Reduce Flatulence Subliminal MP3

Reduce Flatulence Subliminal MP3


Embarrassed by flatulence? You’re not alone…

For thousands of years flatulence has been a source of both amusement and embarrassment. But did you know this…

Without exception, everybody has wind. It is a natural part of processing food in your stomach. According to the NHS website, men pass wind on average 14-25 times per day. Women between 7-12 times. However some people have it far worse.

It can be embarrassing when in company, especially in formal settings. The last thing you want in a job interview is to be distracted with a bout of flatulence. Here’s the thing…

Although everybody does it, nobody talks about it.

You would be mortified if the interviewer heard or smelt it, even though they are only human.

You CAN be helped…60 day money back guarantee.

Whilst you can never eliminate flatulence, you can reduce it by making lifestyle changes.

My Reduce Flatulence Subliminal MP3 will help your mind make the changes necessary to reduce your flatulence. You will instinctively avoid foods and drinks that cause the problem. It will also modify other habits, such as helping you to chew food more slowly.

These small changes can make a BIG difference.

Don’t let flatulence undermine your confidence and cause you embarrassment. Download this session right now and control this problem once and for all…


Recorded by 
Jon Rhodes

Track length: 14:45