Punching Power Hypnosis MP3

Punching Power Hypnosis MP3


Hit faster, hit harder…

Having a strong punch is a powerful weapon in any fighters arsenal. Some people seem to be more naturally powerful punchers than others. This is because their mind is engaged.

Strength and weight do have a part to play in a powerful punch. What’s MORE important is hand speed.

Think about it – it would hurt much more being hit by a little boy riding fast on a bicycle than a truck hitting you at 5 MPH.

In order to hit quicker and harder you must first clear your mind. Then you must focus all your energy on that moment of impact.

Punching Power Hypnosis borrows several techniques used by Bruce Lee to train your mind to deliver a more powerful punch. Once your subconscious mind has been
programmed, you will naturally hit harder and faster. Your energy will go where it’s supposed to go – to the moment of impact. You will also waste less energy, helping you increase your punching stamina.

60 day money back guarantee.

This will give you the edge over your competition. This is why so many boxers and MMA fighters employ sports hypnotherapists before big fights.

You don’t have to go to great expense though to experience highly effective sports hypnosis. My Punching Power hypnosis MP3 is the ultimate way to train your mind. Imagine throwing punches with the full weight of your body and mind behind them. You can make that image a reality with Punching Power hypnosis.

Punching Power hypnosis is the perfect complement to your physical training routine. At just under 20 minutes, you can listen to it before or after a training session or shortly before you go to bed to align your body and mind into one hard hitting, punching machine.

Download this session right now and enjoy quicker, harder and more efficient punching…


Track length: 18:51