Perfect Potting Hypnosis MP3

Perfect Potting Hypnosis MP3


Pot ’em like a rocket!

This is ideal for ANY cue game…

The key to winning any cue game, whether it’s snooker, pool, or billiards, is to keep making those pots and stay at the table.

While there is technique involved in potting, it is pretty easy to pick up. What isn’t so simple is mastering the mental side of potting.

The best players can visualise “energy lines” from the cue ball to the object and direct it into the pocket. All you need to do is stay calm and relaxed, and you have a good chance of making ANY pot.

60 day money back guarantee.

This session will help you remain calm when taking on a pressure pot. With a relaxed arm you have a far greater chance of making the pot. You will also improve your ability to see the energy lines of where to hit the object ball.

Imagine yourself…

  • The pockets look so BIG you can pot with ease.
  • Staying relaxed and excelling in those BIG moments.
  • Having confidence in your ability to pot.

My Perfect Potting Hypnosis MP3 will help you to reach your full potential. Stun your opponents with your potting prowess…


Track length: 21:11