Mindful Meditation MP3

Mindful Meditation MP3

Do you think too much into the past or future, and neglect what’s going on in the present?Smaller-Cart-Button-2

Many people’s minds are too preoccupied with the past and the present. The problem with this is they miss out enjoying what’s happening NOW.

This can lead to unhappiness, stress and anxiety. Past “mistakes” drag you down with negative thoughts and feelings, and you may worry about your future.

Most experts agree that remaining “in the now” is the best way to lead a happy and healthy life. Appreciating what’s going on around you NOW. However most of us don’t do this anywhere near enough.

This guided Mindful Meditation MP3 helps your mind navigate its way back to the present. This is achieved through many tradition meditation techniques.

And being a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I have also added a post hypnotic suggestion to this session. This means I give you a keyword that you can say to yourself whenever and wherever you want. This keyword sends your mind back into the present where it belongs.

You could be walking around the shops, at work, or with friends. Silently say to yourself your keyword, and your mind will be whisked back to the present.

This will instantly increase you quality of life, your happiness and your success. No longer burdened with negative thoughts from your past, or the future.

60 day money back guarantee.

You will be able to fully focus on the present. This massively decreases anxiety, worry, stress and negative thinking. And increases your enjoyment of pretty much anything you are involved with.

With your mind unshackled, it also helps you think more creatively and better able to focus on any task you undertake. Free from the distractions of past and present thinking.

Happier and more successful!

If you feel you would benefit from your mind being more “in the present”, then…other-cart