Hay Fever Relief Hypnosis MP3

Hay Fever Hypnosis MP3


Instantly freeze your hay fever…

Hay fever can turn the most enjoyable summer into a nightmare. Who wants to go outside and develop streaming eyes, a runny nose, a sore throat and headaches?

You can enjoy the summer months with Hay Fever Hypnosis!

60 day money back guarantee.Hay fever is an over reaction to inhaling pollen. The body believes it is “under attack” from bacteria and works to rid itself of pollen. Your eyes stream and your nose runs as your body mistakenly treats it like a cold. 

Hypnosis can program your mind and body to stop recognising pollen as a bacterial or viral attack.

HypnoBusters hypnosis has the advantage over other methods of hay fever relief because it has no side effects and is a small one off payment. If you use antihistamine drugs then you will know how expensive they can be with repeat purchases. Hypnosis is a very safe and practical hay fever treatment.

“I used to dread summer, but now I look forward to it. It made a huge difference to how much I enjoyed the spring and summer last year.”

In this hypnosis for hay fever MP3 I will take you to a cool winter mountain. This is the exact opposite of the environment needed to cause hay fever. Here your subconscious mind can forget about the high pollen count of spring and summer.

With the aid of a keyword, whenever you are outdoors you can take yourself back to that cool winter mountain. This will stop your subconscious mind triggering a reaction to the pollen.

If you want fast relief from hay fever, then download my Hay Fever Relief hypnosis MP3 and enjoy a fun and active summer life…


Track length: 15:31