Flatten Your Stomach Subliminal MP3

Flatten Your Stomach Subliminal MP3


Get washboard abs…

Do you struggle keeping a flat stomach? Perhaps you can lose weight everywhere else, but for some reason you can’t shift it from your stomach? I can help…

A bloated stomach can make you insecure about your whole body. It can cause you to shy away from nights out, going on holiday, or visiting the beach. This is not fair.

A flat stomach is one of the best physical attributes to have. It makes everything look good. It is the focal point of your body, and you look fantastic with a flat stomach.60 day money back guarantee.

Don’t shy away any longer. My Flatten Your Stomach subliminal download will help you…

This session helps reprogram your subconscious mind to modify your behaviours. It helps you eat more of the right things, and less of the wrong things. It also directs your subconscious mind to attaining a sexy flatter stomach, without you being consciously aware.

Download my Flatten Your Stomach Subliminal MP3 right now and get the body you deserve – and the fun to go along with it…


Track length: 15:11

Recorded by Jon Rhodes

Affirmations used…

  • My stomach is getting flatter and leaner every day
  • I eat the rights things for a flatter stomach
  • I drink the right things to get a flatter stomach
  • My body is burning fat from my stomach
  • I can visualise myself with a flat stomach
  • All the time fat and fluid is leaving my stomach
  • I’m getting a slimmer stomach every day