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Just the thought of public speaking can make you feel physically weak. Your heart thumps inside your chest, and your hands and voice shake uncontrollably.

Why does this happen?

Your subconscious mind has decided that talking in front of audiences is dangerous. This is understandable as you are so heavily outnumbered.

To save you, your subconscious triggers yours automatic fight or flight response. Your heart beats faster to give you more energy. Hormones are released into your body which are designed to help you run and fight.

The problem is that you’re not running or fighting. Instead you shake with all this excessive energy you’re not using.

Here’s how I can help…

During this hypnosis for public speaking audio I will relax your conscious mind and tell your subconscious mind that you are perfectly safe when speaking in front of an audience. This will stop it from automatically triggering your fear response.

After listening to this session you will find it much easier to stay calm when delivering a speech of any kind.

Public speaking is important in all walks of life, whether you’re a teacher, businesswoman or man, comedian, or have just one speech to deliver at a social gathering. Being a great public speaker opens up many windows of opportunity.

“The idea of speaking in public used to give me the chills. Now I actually look forward to impressing people with the presentations I give at work.”

Anyone can become a great public speaker. You just need to stay relaxed when delivering your speech.

60 day money back guarantee.When you listen to my Confident Public Speaking Hypnosis MP3 you will remain relaxed throughout your speech. This helps you gain the confidence and self-belief to become a great public speaker. You will find public speaking as easy as talking to a friend.

Before you download Confident Public Speaking hypnosis download ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I feel nervous about speaking in front of a big crowd?
  • Would improved public speaking skills make my life better?
  • Would I like to enjoy public speaking?

If yes then download Confident Public Speaking Hypnosis MP3 to keep you relaxed and strong enough to express yourself in front of people…


Track length: 16:30