Colored Noise MP3 Pack

colorednoiseDefeat distractions, improve your sleep, and more…

Do you get distracted by noise? Perhaps you work in a noisy environment where you need to concentrate. Peoples’ constant chattering, coughing and tapping on keyboards can be off-putting.

Colored noises are great for masking noises, creating a relaxing environment for work and study. That’s not all they can do…

Colored noise MP3 can help you with…

– Drowning out distraction.
Deep sleep.
– Soothing crying babies.
Masking tinnitus.
– Concentration and learning.
– Enhances meditation and self-hypnosis.
– Eases stress, headaches, and migraines.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Jon Rhodes

I have created three colored noise MP3 audios, each with its own specific benefits. Each session is 60 minutes long and perfect for playing in the background whilst doing other things. You could be drifting off to sleep, studying for exams, at work, meditating, being creative.

Here’s a little about what each colored noise can do for you…


White noise is created when a sound is produced which uses all audible frequencies played at once. White noise is perfect for blocking out sounds that distract you. This is great if you need to concentrate, but is also good for relaxation.


Pink noise blends high and low frequencies to create a smooth effect like the sound of rushing water. It sounds less “busy” than white noise because it contains fewer frequencies. Pink noise is great for creating a relaxing environment whilst allowing you to maintain focus and energy.


Brown noise uses lower frequencies and deeper sounds. This rumbling quality makes it ideal for deep sleeping, easing headaches, calming down young children and masking tinnitus.