Blood Pressure Control Hypnosis MP3

Blood Pressure Control Hypnosis MP3


Take control your blood pressure…

High and low blood pressure are common symptoms of many medical problems that can lead to further complications. That is why it is so important to quickly treat blood pressure problems.

High blood pressure strains your arteries and weakens your heart. In turn this can lead to strokes, heart attacks and aneurysms.

How hypnosis allows you to control your blood pressure

My Control Your Blood Pressure hypnosis MP3 will guide you into a deep state of relaxation. During this session you will learn an NLP technique to control your blood pressure.

“The Doctor was stunned at how quickly I’d lowered my blood pressure!”

This NLP technique will allow you to visualize a control centre for your blood pressure and adjust it to the optimum setting.60 day money back guarantee.

Whether you have high or low blood pressure, you will be able to control it. If you have high blood pressure you can turn down the dial in your mind, and if your blood pressure is low you can turn it up.

Has your heart beat ever raced in anticipation of a big event? Have you ever blushed after being in an embarrassing situation? These are small examples of how your thoughts can effect your heart and blood pressure. This session helps you harness this ability, so you can use it at will.

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Track length: 14:10