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Two people walk into an interview office for the same job. The first candidate has a Phd and a degree, the second just a degree. The first is shy and awkward, doesn’t talk much, and has poor body language. The second has an upright posture, good eye contact, and shows a lot of enthusiasm for the job, radiating confidence in their answers.

Which one do you think will get the job?

Feeling anxious about an upcoming interview?

Most people feel at least a little anxious before a job interview. It could mean having difficulty sleeping the night before or feeling butterflies in your stomach moments before.

Do interview nerves leave you a gibbering wreck?

While some can cope, even thrive with the stress of job interviews, others struggle with the pressure. If you’re stumbling over words and struggling to answer questions, then the odds of you getting the job are slim.

You don’t have this fight between your brain and your mouth when talking with friends, so why should you during an interview? It’s simply down to your mindset, which can be changed with my Interview Confidence hypnosis MP3.

“Job interviews feel like a breeze when you have your mind tuned in right!”

With hypnosis for interviews, you can walk into an interview with the same confidence when holding an ordinary conversation. No nerves, no anxiety, and no fumbling for words. Just a confident interview performance that will leave your interviewer sure about your abilities and impressed by your poise.

In my Interview Confidence hypnosis MP3 you will be eased into a deep state of relaxation. From there I will help you associate the interview with feelings of relaxation and self-assured confidence.

Imagine yourself…

-> Feel calm both before and during the interview.
-> Walking out the interview knowing you’ve given your best performance.
-> Getting a call asking you to accept their job offer.

Download my Interview Confidence Hypnosis MP3 and leave a strong, positive impression on any interviewer…

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Recorded by Jon Rhodes

2 thoughts on “Interview Confidence Hypnosis MP3

  • November 23, 2014 at 6:52 pm

    I listened to this session the day before, then an hour before my interview. I definitely felt more relaxed than I normally do. It was way easier to find the right things to say. Fingers crossed I get the job!

    • November 24, 2014 at 8:54 am

      Glad it helped Lindsay. Good luck and I hope you land the job!

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