Protection Meditation

protective-energy-meditationFeel safe and secure…

Do you feel vulnerable when you leave the house? Even though you know it is relatively safe, many people can’t help but feel threatened by the outside world.

Part of this is down to natural wiring. The world we are designed to live in is FAR more dangerous than the modern world. However your subconscious mind doesn’t know this, so it expects the worse. Your fear may be bolstered by bad things that have happened to you in the past.

This meditation session guides you to visualise a protective ball of energy around you. This helps you feel safe and secure wherever you are – unless you have good reason not to be.

After listening to this session you will feel empowered. Your subconscious mind will feel more at ease, causing you to feel safer and stay calmer. This will give you strength to try new things, explore new places, and meet new people.

The benefits of my protective ball of energy meditation MP3 are:

– Feel more safe and secure.
– Have the confidence to explore new places and meet new people.
– Improve your visualization skills.
– Have peace of mind.
– Delivered instantly to your email address.
– No risk – 60 day money back guarantee.

If you want peace of mind and the freedom to really live, download Protective Ball of Energy MP3 today and begin a more fulfilling life…

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Track length: 10:54

Hot Air Balloon Meditation

Drift off to a relaxing place…

hot-air-balloon-meditation If you’ve ever taken a hot air balloon ride you will know how exhilarating it can be. The adrenaline rush of take off, the wonderment of being able to see for miles around you, and the gentle floating through the sky.

Floating peacefully in the sky is a powerful meditative experience as you gaze at the wondrous scenery all around you. You will feel at peace and connected to the earth.

In this session I will guide you through this meditation exercise as you visualize stepping into a hot air balloon, the take off, and (best of all) the flight. You have the freedom to go wherever you choose. You could soar over Paris, see the pyramids of Egypt, or float over the great wall of China.

This is a great meditation for anyone who wants to take a hot air balloon ride, or has in the past, but doesn’t have the chance right now. It also helps people who may be taking a balloon ride in the future and are feeling anxious.

The benefits of our guided hot air balloon ride meditation MP3 are:

– Enjoy a bird’s eye view of anywhere in the world.
– Take a unique break from your everyday life.
– Learn how to travel anywhere in your imagination.
– Improve your creative visualization skills.
– Delivered instantly to your email address.
– No risk – 60 day money back guarantee.

If you want to take an awe-inspiring journey, from the comfort of your home, then download Hot Air Balloon Meditation MP3 and float off wherever you desire…

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Track length: 19:31

Mountain Stream Meditation


Wash away your worries…

One of the best ways to relax and escape your worries is to get out into nature. However this isn’t always possible. I have the next best thing with Mountain Stream Meditation MP3.

This guided meditation lets you listen to the beautiful sounds of a mountain stream, whilst receiving meditation instructions from yours truly.

In modern life we often don’t get the chance to be part of nature. This gives you a convenient opportunity to travel in your mind to where you’re supposed to be.

You can listen to this session whenever and wherever you please.

The sun is high, there’s a gentle breeze in the air, the birds are twittering, and a glorious blue stream is rolling down a majestic mountain.

Not only does this give you an escape and a chance to meditate, it also allows you to work on your creative visualization skills. With practice you can picture the scenery so vividly you will feel as though you’re actually there.

This is a fantastic meditation for anyone who wants to take a regular break from their day-to-day lives and become at one with nature.

The benefits of my guided mountain stream meditation MP3 are:

– Wash away your worries.
– The sounds of nature brings you inner peace.
– Remove yourself from modern living for a while.
– Improve your creative visualization skills.
– Delivered instantly to your email address.
– No risk – 60 day money back guarantee.

Download Mountain Stream Meditation MP3 right now, sit back, relax and lose yourself to the healing sounds of nature…

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Track length: 20:31

Rain Meditation


Wash away your troubles…

Have you ever sat inside, on a rainy day, staring out the window as the water beats off the glass and found your worries slipping away?

What you’ve been doing is meditating with the rain. Meditating is simply focusing all your thoughts on one thing, until everything slips into nothingness.

It’s a magical feeling, and one that you should experience more often. My Rain Meditation MP3 replicates one of those rainy days meaning you can enjoy that delightful sensation whenever you want or need to.

By focusing on the sound of the rain and my voice, you will be able to achieve a deep meditative state that is healing to your mind, body, and soul. You will forget about your worries and experience total peace of mind.

The benefits of my guided rain meditation MP3 are:

– Quieten mental chatter and anxious thoughts.
– Increase your ability to focus and concentrate.
– Improve your emotional stability.
– Bring yourself a sense of inner peace.
– Delivered instantly to your email address.
– No risk – 60 day money back guarantee.

Allow your troubles to wash away to the soothing sound of the rain, download Rain Meditation right now…

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Track length: 21:58

Anger Meditation MP3


Learn to control your anger…

Do you sometimes get an uncontrollable rage? My meditation for anger can help you…

When you feel anger boiling over, it can be difficult to control. More often than not it manifests itself in negative and destructive behaviour. Not pleasant.

Whether your anger builds slowly or flashes brightly, it is important to take control and funnel those emotions in a positive manner. One of the best ways to control your emotions is through daily meditation.

This Anger Meditation MP3 will teach you a meditative technique that makes your anger melt away. Over time, you will gain an increasing ability to control your emotions, and maintain rationality and composure.

Very quickly you will find that situations that used to make you blow your tops.

The benefits of my guided anger management meditation MP3 are:

Replace anger with feelings of calm.
Replace anger with feelings of calm.

– Learn to control your anger.
– Learn to redirect your anger in a more positive direction.
– Become more calm and patient with others.
– Bring yourself inner peace of mind.
– Delivered instantly to your email address.
– No risk – 60 day money back guarantee.

Take control today and download Anger Management Meditation MP3. Enjoy that inner peace that is just a click away…

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Track length:  11:54