Be More Assertive Hypnosis MP3

be-more-assertiveDo you find it difficult to stick up for yourself? Maybe you’re worried about getting into a confrontation, or worried you’ll be seen as aggressive?

This is because you’re not assertive enough. Does this happen to you…

Do you bottle up your thoughts and feelings?

Someone takes advantage of you and you know it. You feel an urge to say something, but you don’t. You don’t want to offend, and don’t want to end up in an argument. Instead you keep it to yourself and stew on it.

This is classic passive behaviour. This causes two problems…

The 2 problems with bottling up your thoughts

First, it’s bad for your health. Bottling up your thoughts and feelings causes you stress. These thoughts and feelings grow the longer you leave them. You feel bad for not saying anything and they gnaw away inside you. They cause you stress for weeks, even months. This has a negative impact on your mental AND physical health.157418259

Second, it can push you towards aggressive behaviour. After a while, your bottled up thoughts and feelings get out of control. They grow bigger and stronger. Eventually you explode. This causes you to be aggressive towards the person you feel aggrieved at. What might have started as a small problem can be magnified many times.

From doing nothing, you’re now overreacting. People think that you’re in the wrong because of your erratic behaviour, so this outburst usually achieves little. And in the meantime it has caused you hurt and damage.

What you need a middle line, and that’s to be assertive…

Being assertive is THE way

Being assertive is the BEST way of dealing with EVERYTHING. An assertive person talks honestly about their thoughts and feelings, but is NOT aggressive about it.

If an assertive person thinks they’re being unfairly treated, they will be open and honest about these feelings. They will discuss them in a calm, rational, but direct way. They won’t wait to get angry and irrational.

An assertive person resolves issues before they get out of hand. They are listened to and respected.

How I can help

If you want to be more assertive, I can help you. Your lack of assertive behaviour is down to your subconscious mind trying to protect you…

In the past your subconscious mind has avoided confrontation in the belief it is protecting you from violent conflict. It doesn’t know that violent conflict is rare in modern society, especially when you’re dealing with a situation in a rational and calm way.

Hello Jon,

I am having great success with your hypnosis MP3. The one I ordered was Be More Assertive. I listen to it on my iPod every night and usually have the iPod on all night long. I have been listening to it for a week or two, and today had the courage to go to my boss and assertively tell him what I needed. I was also able to communicate assertively in therapy this week. All good. The hypnosis MP3s I bought from your company were the first I have ever tried. I am very glad I did try them! Thank you for making these available, and also for being responsive to ones that people request.

Thank you,


My “Be More Assertive” Hypnosis MP3 talks to your subconscious mind and shows it the best way to act is to be assertive. It shows it that this protects you from stress and blowing up in an aggressive way.

As well as showing your subconscious mind WHY it should act assertive, this session also shows it HOW to be assertive. It shows it some simple behaviour patterns to follow, and encourages it to use someone your respect as a role model for assertive behaviour.

It will change your life

Quickly you will find it second nature to act in an assertive way. This gives BIG positive changes to your life…60dmbg

With a more assertive mindset, your life will improve in almost every way. You will command more respect from everyone you deal with – from friends and family, to co-workers and bosses. This allows situations to be much easier to deal with.

Soon you’ll find yourself having much more success in your personal and work life – and you’ll feel far less stressed.

If you need to take more control of your life and get the respect you deserve, download “Be More Assertive” and enjoy and more successful and stress-free life…

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Run time – 15:18

Recorded by Jon Rhodes

Higher Sex Drive Than Your Partner Hypnosis MP3


Do you have a higher sex drive than your partner?

I know that having a higher sex drive than your partner can cause problems in your relationship. It can make you feel rejected and unloved.

Deep down you probably realise that it is not anyone’s fault. However you can’t stop these negative feelings.

This is because although you understand on a conscious level, you do not understand on a subconscious level. This is what is automatically triggering these negative feelings.

My Higher Sex Drive Than Your Partner Hypnosis MP3 will help you resolve these issues in your subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind does not know the reasons why your partner sometimes turns down sex. It probably thinks that it is down to you not being desired or loved.

This hypnosis session will tell your subconscious that it is simply down to you having a higher sex drive than your partner. It will help you to relax and not take it personally.

Once it understands this, you will no longer feel rejected and unloved.

After listening you will deep down understand your partner, and be more patient with them. This will help you lead a healthier and more fulfilling relationship.

If you have a higher sex drive than your partner and need help resolving this in your mind, then download this session today…

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Recorded by Jon Rhodes

Money Making Mindset Hypnosis MP3

money-making-mindsetWant to be wealthy?

Do you want to be wealthy, but somehow it doesn’t happen for you? You try different ideas sure it’s going to change your life, but it never quite works that way? It is probably down to your mindset…

Some people have a knack for generating high earnings. They are usually not more intelligent than you, or more hard working. Whatever they touch seems to turn to gold. Perhaps you know someone like this? What makes them different?

They have a money making mindset. Their mind is geared to look for and create money making opportunities. They are not special, it’s just that their mind is focusing on making money, whilst your mind is focussing on different things.

I can help you…

My money hypnosis MP3 will help program your mind to create and find money making opportunities. You will quickly develop a money mindset that will help attract money your way.

Often when you least expect it a money making idea will pop into your head. After listening to this session you will see many times more opportunities than before. It’s up to you to take advantage of them…

After listening to this session, make sure you take a pen and pad wherever you go. Most of the best entrepreneurs do this. When you have an idea, write it down immediately.

You may think that you will remember it, but you won’t. A great money making idea may slip away forever if you don’t commit it to paper,

Opportunities are all around you. Your subconscious mind will be heightened to spot more of them.

Don’t let any more money making opportunities pass you by. Invest in yourself and download this session and open your eyes to the incredible money making opportunities that are all around you…

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Recorded by Jon Rhodes

HypnoBirthing MP3 – Hypnosis For Childbirth

HypnoBirthing MP3Nervous about child birth? It’s hardly surprising…

During child birth you can be bombarded with negativity and fears. Friends, family and medical professionals often express their fears about childbirth. They are well meaning, but this does not help.

Although we are blessed with modern medical knowledge, this can sometimes work against us. Focussing too much on risks and dangers causes excessive worry and anxiety. This is not good for you or your baby.

Not being relaxed through pregnancy and child birth can negatively effect you. It prevents your body from working as efficiently as it should.

You know your body is magnificent right? Your body has been finely tuned by nature for millions of years. It goes through miraculous changes in order to facilitate birth.

It needs the best opportunity to do what it’s designed to do.

For a safer and more enjoyable pregnancy, you must be calm and relaxed. This allows your body to work more effectively and efficiently. This is exactly what my hypnobirthing MP3 can help with.

Hypnosis For Childbirth
Aaron and Cherise Braun

My wife and I had our son born on the 4th of July, 2014. Prior to conception, her and I decided that we were going to use the hypnobirthing method during the course of pregnancy and birthing. I have had previous experience using hypnosis in many occasions of my life, including a surgical procedure in which there were no use of any anesthetic or pain numbing agents; but only the application of hypnosis. I had great success in my experiences, and decided that it was something we would engage in, as a family, during pregnancy and childbirth.

My wife and I began our hypnobirthing classes that were taught by a local hypnotherapist. We had a total of eight classes, in which we learned the history of hypnobirthing, and it’s current use in today’s society. 
Additionally, we had download the audio track of Jon Rhodes’ hypnobirthing session. We began listening to his session every night before bed. My wife found that his voice soothed with vibrations of relaxation, and his detail and descriptive dialogue helped guide her imagination to such a vivid level. My wife was able to create a sense of relaxation and overall state of calmness during her pregnancy. In the pregnancy prior to this one, we had not used hypnobirthing, and the differences were as great as night and day. In her first pregnancy, she experienced several special circumstances, and ultimately ended up having a cesarean section.  Throughout her last pregnancy, she not only experienced a healthy, natural birth, but remained in a state of relaxation throughout her entire 3.5 hour labor. That’s right — labor lasted a total of three and a half hours, and flowed through as nature has intended it. We accredit Jon Rhodes’ hypnobirthing track as being a contributor to her relaxed state of mind, sense of focus, and overall success. 

The art of hypnobirthing is an incredible tool to help empower women to achieve a normal, relaxed state of mind while undergoing this completely natural and amazing experience, and would be glad to discuss our experiences with any inquiring minds!


My hypnosis for childbirth audio eases anxiety and worry surrounding childbirth. My HypnoBirthing MP3 teaches your subconscious mind powerful relaxation techniques, that are automatically triggered when you need them most.

Do you want to better enjoy your pregnancy AND be safer? Allow yourself to feel the joy and beauty of bringing new life into this world. Feel safe, calm, and secure. Download HypnoBirthing MP3 right now – you most certainly deserve it…

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Track length: 14:51

Recorded by Jon Rhodes

Hypnosis For Nightmares MP3

Banish those nightmares…

no more nightmares hypnosisNightmares can make you wake up in a cold sweat with your heart pounding. You can experience real feelings of terror.This is not a great start to your day, and the disturbance can leave you tired and lethargic.

Nightmares are worse for your health than most people realise. The sleep interruption is bad enough, but there is more to it than that…

Your mind has trouble differentiating between reality and your imagination. If you think of some thing stressful right now, your body will react as if it’s really happening. Your heart rate will increase and you will feel stressed in a very real way.

The stress of nightmares affect you in a real way. Many nightmares leave you in stressful and life threatening situations. This effects you as if it is really happening – not good for your physical or mental health.

Hypnosis is an excellent tool in getting rid of nightmares. Here’s why…

Your dreams are controlled by your creative subconscious mind. They are a mental rehearsal for things that could happen in your life. For some reason your subconscious mind is fearing the worse, and wants to prepare you for that.

Hypnosis is a tool that deals with communicating with your subconscious mind. In this session I will talk to it and persuade it that it is not necessary to think up such terrifying scenarios. 

This session will also help you gain control of your dreams. Whenever you sense a dream turning into a nightmare, you will take control and steer it back into a pleasant direction.

Your nightmares will become pleasant dreams and allow you to get the peaceful rest you need.

Be at peace when you sleep.
Be at peace when you sleep.

If you want to swap your nightmares for pleasant dreams, then download Hypnosis For Nightmares hypnosis MP3…

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stopunwantedthoughtsStop Unwanted Thoughts Hypnosis

Recorded by Jon Rhodes