How To Use Timeboxing To Get More Done

How To Use TimeboxingTimeboxing can help you get a lot done in a short space of time. The benefits are obvious. Your life is more organised, you become more successful, and have less weighing on your mind. Here’s how it works…

Timeboxing involves giving yourself a time deadline to complete a task. You then do it the best you can within the time you have given yourself. Then you stop, whether you have completed the task or not.

To clarify this, here’s a couple of examples of how timeboxing can be used in day to day life…

Examples Of Timeboxing

My daughter is not the most tidiest of people, so her room is often a tip. When faced with the task of tidying up, it seems daunting, and she doesn’t want to tackle it. I have solved this by saying to her I will time her and she has only 10 minutes to make it as good as she can. It’s like a challenge – a sort of a game. I say you don’t need to finish, just make it as good as you can in 10 minutes, then you can go out with your friends.

This makes her happier because she knows she won’t be spending hours laboriously tidying and missing out. It’s only 10 minutes. Plus it makes it more fun as there is a game element to it. She will also get praise for how much she has accomplished in such a short space of time. Every time we have done this she has finished tidying her room and it is a hell of a lot better. The room is transformed in just 10 minutes. It’s amazing what you can accomplish with this technique.

Recently my wife got up late (around 11am) and needed to do her college homework, then go into town to buy a present. She also had college early that evening, so didn’t have a great deal of time to play with. I suggested to her that she does an hour homework right now, then we will go into town together and pick a present, then go out to lunch. Although her homework was only half complete, we were eating lunch by 1pm with a present on the floor next to us. By 2.30pm we were home and she had more time to finish her homework. What could have been a stressful day was turned into a nice day with some leisure time, plus she achieved her objectives. Without this technique she could have had an unpleasant day worrying, and getting little done.

Other Applications

If you have loads of boring filing to do. Give yourself 20 minutes to do as much as you can. You will surprise yourself at how much you can do in such a short space of time. And it won’t feel as bad doing it. If you haven’t completed the task, that’s fine. You can always have another timeboxing session at a later date.

Timeboxing is best used for those long monotonous jobs that don’t need a high level of quality to consider. These are also the jobs that most of us find the most boring, and the ones we leave until “later”.

Why Timeboxing Works

Timeboxing works because it helps you get started with something, instead of worrying about how you are going to do it. It also helps bypass the pressures of perfectionism, which can hamper us nomoreprocrastinationfrom starting, continuing, and finishing something. Jobs that at first appear intimidating can seem far simpler with timeboxing. The problem with most tasks is not completing them, or not starting them in the first place. Timeboxing can significantly help you get things done.

Please let me know how you go along with timeboxing.

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10 Things Unsuccessful People Say


Do you think like a successful person?

How you talk to yourself and others is VITAL for your success. It programs your subconscious mind and effects the way you behave and make decisions. This can be the difference between success and failure.

Do you say the right things for success?

Here’s what to avoid saying (the best one is at the end BTW)…

(If you can think of any more, please share them in the comments bellow)

It can’t be done

Unsuccessful people say things can’t be done. History is littered with people who did things that “can’t be done”. To be successful you often have to innovate. You cannot innovate without believing you can do something that hasn’t been done before.

I can’t…

Don’t let your abilities stop you. Learn a new skill, or hire someone to do it. Bill Gates stopped programming in the 80’s, and paid more talented programmers to do it for him.

I can do it all myself

Maybe you can, but if you do, you are likely to become a one man band running a small business. Sometimes you need to outsource to specialists who are better than you at certain tasks.

Don’t trust anyone

Trust is vital when running a business. Lack of trust will hold you back. You will be too fearful to do anything.

You must trust employees if you want to get the best out of them. You must trust customers not to abuse guarantees. And you must trust in your own abilities.

I’m frightened of criticism

If you become successful, you WILL receive criticism. Someone will disagree with something you do. Listen and learn, but don’t let it stop you pursuing your plan of action. There are many negative people out there that would rather put you down than work on their own plan for success. Don’t let them drag you down to their level.

I’m right, you’re wrong

You can’t be right ALL the time. It doesn’t make you look weak admitting you’re wrong. It makes you look strong. It also gives you the opportunity to learn from other peoples’ experiences.

I like to please everyone

Many people fail because they try to please everyone. If you do then you are likely to get nowhere. For example, people in your life will probably want you to play safe and get a “proper job”. If you please them you won’t go far.

Everyone has different opinions on what you should do. Listen to them, but find your own way.

It’s too risky

You can’t be successful without taking some risks. Don’t be reckless, but be prepared to take a chance.

It’s not my fault

It’s fine for things to go wrong – at least you’re trying. Things ALWAYS go wrong. Learn from them and laugh at them. It’s how you handle them that counts. If you are fearful of mistakes, then you will be too afraid to try new things.

If you don’t take responsibility for things going wrong, then it implies that those around you are at fault. This is not the way to build team unity.

I’ll be successful one day

“One day” never happens. Convince yourself you are successful NOW, and be grateful for all you have, and all you’ve already achieved.

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How To Be A Person Of Action

woman-of-actionTHE MOST important lesson you can learn towards your success is how to be a person of action. Know why?

It’s because you can have the greatest and most creative idea in the world – but if you don’t act on it, it’s useless.

An average idea is more valuable in the hands of a doer, than a genius idea in the hands of a don’ter. Ideas alone get you nowhere. They must be followed by action.

Are you a doer or a don’ter?

I want you to be totally honest, which do you consider yourself to be? Many people consider themselves doers, but are really don’ter. You MUST be honest with yourself if you are to improve your thinking.

Here’s a few questions to help you…

Do you blame your personal circumstance and people around you for why you cannot create or take opportunities?

When you have an exciting business idea., do you think of reasons why it might fail, then talk yourself out of it?

If you have an unpleasant task to do, do you leave it whilst you build up your courage, only to find the more you think about it, the more frightening it becomes?

You wake in the morning, do you think about all the things you’re going to do, and put off getting up until the last minute?

Don’t worry if you’ve just discovered you’re a bit of a don’ter – the majority of people are. The good news is that you can change.

How to be a doer

female-skierThe easiest way to become a doer is to stop thinking and simply do – like the Nike slogan “Just Do It”.

The thought of doing something is nearly always scarier than actually doing it. The more you think about it, the more your mind whirls around thinking of things that MIGHT go wrong. This gets your stomach in knots, and you associate the task with dreaded fear that spirals deep to the pit of your stomach.

Instead of over thinking, get on with it.

If you have an important phone call to make, just pick up the phone and ring. Don’t plan what you’re going to say. Just grab the phone, dial the number, then talk. Trust yourself to react to the situation. You know how to talk don’t you?

If you have a business idea, then it’s not usually prudent to go gung-ho and start it with no thought at all. However you must accept that you will never have all the bases covered. There is NEVER a perfect business, and NEVER a perfect time to start. Have faith that you will deal with problems when they arise – which they always will.

The same goes for family matters. If you are thinking of getting married, buying a house, or having a baby, then there is NEVER a perfect time. Things WILL go wrong. If you let the possibility of something going wrong deter you, then you won’t get anything done.

Learn from your mistakes

boyMany people are fearful of making mistakes, but this doesn’t make sense. Learning is about doing things you couldn’t do previously. Like learning to walk, you must stand and wobble at first. You will fall down a few times, but always get back up and try again, learning a bit more each time. If as a child you were too frightened to try, you wouldn’t be able to walk to this day.

Mistakes are inevitable when you start something new. All you need to do is learn from them, and carry on. Each time you will be a little wiser because of it.

Final thoughts

Remember, we are not on this Earth forever. Don’t spend your life failing to act. This will cause you more misery and unhappiness than you might believe.

Look at all the successful people you know either personally or have heard of. They are ALL people of action. They put themselves on the line, make mistakes, learn from them, and jump back up.

They don’t allow the small talk of others put them off. They live life on their own terms, and get their rewards for doing so.

Don’t become another mediocre person living a mediocre life. Have the courage to chase your dreams. Your life will be more colourful and interesting than ever before. Give yourself the life you deserve…

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How Advertising Negatively Programs Your Subconscious

sad-face-feel good-about-yourselfOne BIG tactic of advertisers is to make you feel bad about yourself, then offer their product or service as a solution. In an attempt to feel good, you buy their product.

However you don’t always buy their products. What then? You’re left with something in your subconscious saying that you are inadequate.

You might not have the latest phone, clothes or car. Maybe you don’t have the perfect beach body, or that Hollywood smile. You’ve been offered the Golden Ticket to solve this, but you’ve declined. Your subconscious naturally nags away at you.

Your subconscious will tell you to buy the product, but your conscious knows better. However something deep inside you no longer feels quite right.

Take a look at this advert against smoking. It’s obvious aim is to terrify you into thinking that smoking rapidly ages you. It’s aim is largely good, because smoking is detrimental to your health. But what if you don’t quit smoking after seeing this?

smoking-2The suggestions drift into your subconscious mind, leaving you worried about your health. The advertisers might be trying to help your physical health, but this could be at the expense of your mental health.

Worry is bad for your health.

Think of all the negatively charged adverts you take in every day. They may be on the TV, the radio, advertising boards, newspapers, magazines – they’re EVERYWHERE.

With all these messages telling you how inadequate you are, it’s no wonder you can feel down about yourself at times.

You can reduce your exposure to adverts. Turn down TV during the adverts, ignore adverts in magazines etc. But unless you put blinkers on, they;re going to get to you.

It’s time to fight back!

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This helps redress the balance. A nice dose of positive suggestions will help fight off all those negative ones you’re exposed to…

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How To Reduce Sugar In Tea And Coffee

Learn how to reduce the sugar in your tea and coffee…

How To Reduce Sugar In Tea And CoffeeAre you a tea or coffee drinker that uses sugar? Have you tried reducing the sugar, but find you don’t like the taste? Would you like to painlessly reduce the sugar you use?

Here’s a great method that works instantly (kind of). I have used it for myself, and successfully taught it many patients…

Why it’s important to reduce sugar

Most health experts agree that excess sugar is the main cause of weight gain and many health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and dental problems.

One teaspoon of sugar weighs about 5g. That equates to 20 calories per teaspoon of sugar.

Someone who drinks 5 cups per day, with 2 sugars in each, will consume 200 calories per day. That’s a whopping 6000 calories in a month.

If you can reduce that by half, you are saving 3000 calories per month. And this is achieved by making a small tweak to your lifestyle.

Here’s how to reduce your sugar intake…

The method

I will talk about this in terms of reducing from two sugars to one. This method can be adapted to your needs. You may want to reduce from 3 to 2, or 1 to half.

OK, here it is…

To reduce your sugar from 2 to 1, all you need to do is put 1 sugar in your cup, and fill it half way. Drink half the amount you normally do, and it will taste the same. Congratulations, you have instantly reduced your sugar intake by half. That was quick wasn’t it?!

OK, there is a bit more to it…

What will probably happen over time is that you will gradually add a bit more water so that you get a larger drink. We all have a natural inclination to want more. No problem as long as you keep it down to 1 sugar.

After a few weeks, you will probably be up to a full cup, and will barely have noticed the difference in taste, as the change has been so gradual. The 1 sugar will now taste just right to you.

Final thoughts

Although it can be done by simply reducing your sugar and putting up with the different taste, not many people stick to it. They don’t like the taste and quickly wonder “What’s the point?”.

By using this method, you don’t have to spend a few weeks putting up with a bad tasting cuppa’. True it’s smaller to begin with, but it will satisfy you.

Give it a go and see how it works for you. I would be very interested to hear your story in the comments below…

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