Here’s why hypnosis is great for helping you sleep…

There is little doubt there is a correlation between hypnosis and sleep. Anyone who has been in hypnosis knows how similar it feels to being in the early stages of sleep.

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Clinical Hypnotherapist Jon Rhodes

Clinical Hypnotherapist
Jon Rhodes

Regulating Sleep

Once you reach adulthood you need seven to eight hours of sleep a night. Any less and you feel tired, find it hard to concentrate, struggle to make decisions and increase your risk of depression. More than seven to eight hours of sleep can also cause problems, leaving you lethargic.

There are two main types of sleep, Non-REM and REM.

Non-REM: The brain is quiet and peaceful. Your body repairs itself and hormones are released into the bloodstream, preparing for the day ahead. There are four stages to Non-REM sleep.

1. Pre-sleep – The muscles relax, body temperature drops and the heart beat slows.
2. Light-sleep – Still easily awoken without feelings of confusion.
3. Slow wave sleep – Blood pressure begins to fall.
4. Deep slow wave sleep – Very hard to wake up, will awaken confused and groggy.

REM: Makes up for a fifth of sleep time. During the REM stage of sleep the brain becomes active, body very relaxed and the eyes move around quickly. This is the sleep stage in which dreams become more vivid and easier to remember.

Over the course of a night you switch between Non-REM and REM sleep around five times a night.

How Hypnosis Helps Where Pills Fail

Sleeping pills do little to cure the problem, only mask it. People often report feeling groggy after taking sleeping pills, and they can be highly addictive.

This is not a problem with hypnotherapy. Hypnosis is a natural alternative that results in deep sleep with no side effects or addictions.

The way sleep hypnosis works is simple. The hypnotherapist helps the patient relax. This allows their conscious mind become quiet, and is the perfect state for the beginning stages of sleep. While the conscious mind is relaxed, the hypnotist then makes suggestions such as, “your eyes feel heavy”, “your mind and body are totally relaxed”. Once this is achieved sleep will follow.

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