How Subliminal MP3 Audios Work

Clinical Hypnotherapist Jon Rhodes
Clinical Hypnotherapist
Jon Rhodes

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Have you ever wondered how a subliminal MP3 works? Here is a brief explanation…

Hypnotherapy and subliminals

Subliminal audio sessions have the same aim as hypnotherapy audio sessions. They both aim to pass positive suggestions to your subconscious mind. The methods they both use to achieve this are different.

In hypnotherapy you are guided into a trance. A therapist will give instructions to guide your mind into a trance state. This is a daydream state where your conscious mind in tuned down, allowing your subconscious mind to absorb suggestions.

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With subliminal music it is slightly different. Subliminal recordings contain suggestions that are not audible consciously. Usually the volume is lower than the foreground music, which makes it impossible for the conscious mind to hear it. However your more powerful subconscious mind can hear it.

Both methods give suggestions to your subconscious mind. Hypnosis uses trance whereas subliminal recordings use sound cloaking.

How can you “hear” subliminals?

Have you ever been in a social situation and there has been several conversations going on at the same time? Consciously they sound like background babble. However you hear your name in one of the conversations and suddenly your mind tunes into that conversation to hear what they are saying about you. How did your mind know to listen to that particular conversation at that particular time?

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It didn’t. Your powerful subconscious mind was listening to ALL the conversations at the same time. When your subconscious mind heard your name, it alerted your conscious mind to focus on this conversation. It knew there was something that you might want to consciously focus on.

It could have been in ANY of these conversations that someone mentioned your name. Your subconscious mind is far more powerful than your conscious mind and is capable of listening to several conversations at the same time. It is also capable of listening to music and picking out quiet suggestions that are hidden in subliminal recordings.

Subliminal recordings have the same result as hypnotherapy sessions – your conscious mind ignores the suggestions, allowing your subconscious mind to absorb them.

Without your conscious mind blocking the way, both forms of therapy influence your subconscious mind to make permanent changes. Both forms of therapy help you make powerful and everlasting changes.

With subliminal sounds, the reason your subconscious mind picks up on these seemingly hidden messages is down to evolution. In the wild there may be the faint sound of a predator within the sounds of the wind and rain. You don’t have time for your conscious mind to process this information. A split second could be the difference between life and death. This information goes directly to your subconscious mind, so you can react immediately. There is no time for conscious thought. With subliminal therapy, hidden words are absorbed by your subconscious mind, which are hidden in music.

Final thoughts

Because of evolution, your subconscious minds is capable of hearing far more than your conscious mind. Your subconscious mind can hear sounds within sounds, but your conscious mind cannot.

Like hypnosis, subliminal music reprograms your subconscious mind for rapid but lasting change. Subliminals have the advantage that you can listen to them anywhere. No one knows what you’re listening to, and there are no dangers when operating machinery or driving, since there is no trance involved.

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